Johnny Depp Disappears Again - Into a Role!

Johnny Depp could well be the best actor of our day.

No matter what role he tackles, he dives in all the way - so much so, he's frequently unrecognizable.

Black Mass is the latest case in point.

In it, he plays Whitey Bulger, one of the most notorious gangsters in Massachusetts history.

And he pretty much disappears into the role.

Check out the clip. See if you can figure out which one is him...

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A Wild Reunion

This is an amazing video.

The Aspinall Foundation helps introduce gorillas born in captivity into the wilds of West Africa.

This video captures the moments when Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy rediscovered two gorillas she hadn't seen in about a dozen years since they were brought back to the Gabon Forest.

Truly amazing to watch the interaction between the primates and their human friend.

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Rest Well, Jayne Meadows

Jayne Meadows, a star of stage, screen and television, passed away yesterday at the age of 95.

She was perhaps best-known for her personal-life role as wife to Steve Allen, the first host of The Tonight Show.

Here's a fun clip from 1954 when Jayne appeared as the mystery guest on TV's What's My Line?, a show on which her husband was a panelist.

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Celebrate YouTube

Ten years ago this week, YouTube was founded.

Hard to imagine a point in our history without it, but there you are.

The first video ever was a 19-second opus called "Me at the Zoo," posted by one of the company's founders.

In it, we learn that elephants have really long trunks.

The video has been viewed over 22.5 million times.

I wonder how many of those were high school kids writing term papers about elephants...

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"Which One of You is Michael Palin?"

Over the weekend, the Tribeca Film Festival celebrated the 40th anniversary of Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

It was followed by a question-and-answer session hosted by HBO's John Oliver, but the Q&A didn't exactly go as planned.

Someone in the audience actually asked, "Which one of you is Michael Palin?"

Sadly, that person probably thought the legendary Python performer was related somehow to Sarah Palin.

I guess it's good that no one asked, "Which one of you is Monty Python?"

Know what I mean? Say no more, say no more...
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Comedian in Chief

At Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner, SNL's Cecily Strong had some strong competition.

From the current resident of the White House himself, President Obama.

Check out this bit where he invited Luther, his anger translator, to interpret the president's inner voice.

It's a bit seen often on Comedy Central's Key & Peele, but this time, the president was played by the real deal.

And it's real funny.

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The Crown of Clowns for April 24, 2015

This guy took a bad situation and made it into a HILARIOUSLY bad situation . . . so well done, I guess? 44-year-old Steven Shuler of Monrovia, Indiana was at home on Monday when the cops showed up to arrest him for a probation violation.


He managed to climb through a 16-inch hole to hide inside his walls . . . and it WORKED.  The cops thought he was out and they left.


Unfortunately for Steven, that's where his good luck ended.  He didn't have any way to get OUT of the walls . . . and he wound up stuck there for more than 24 HOURS.


His ex-wife came by the next day and found him . . . so she decided to call for help.  The fire department came and got him out of the wall . . . and he was arrested. 

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How Do You Write "Uh Oh" in Arabic?

On Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan posted an inspirational message to Instagram.

On the bottom line, it read "You're beautiful." Above it were some Arabic characters, which everyone took to mean the same thing as the English phrase.

Not so much, according to experts. Lindsay had actually written, "You're an ass" in Arabic.

Yesterday, she posted this picture of a pocketbook, and referenced the now-deleted message, saying it was an inside joke with a friend.

"So, was already known what it was."

I'm not buying it. How about you?

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Chris Pratt Crushed by a Noahsaurus

Chris Pratt visited the Ellen show this week and agreed to play a game of "Dino Right, Dino Wrong" against Ellen's little buddy, Noah Ritter.

It was a trivia game about dinosaurs, and given that Chris just wrapped up Jurassic World, you'd expect him to have the edge.

Think again.

This kid Noah is good. Check out the competition.

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Making FLOTUS's Day

How's this for a nice way for Michelle Obama to start her day?

The First Lady was entertaining some children of White House Staffers as part of Bring Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day.

One young lady asked Mrs. O who old she was, and when she answered, "51," the girl made a face.

Turns out she thought Mrs. O was "too young" to be 51.

Guess who got a big hug?

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