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The Wolf Supports Woofs

The Wolf supports Woofs

I want to tell you about my good friends at Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue, because if you are an animal lover you are going to love them!  These fine folks rescue dogs all up and down the west coast.  In fact, they have over 100 pure bred dogs ranging from Toy Poodles to Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinchers, and more!  And they also have over 100 mixed breeds and yes…they have kitties as well.  They currently have over 20 cats.  So why am I telling you about this amazing facility?  Because they may be losing their facility!  

Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue is in danger of losing their temporary home, and the home of all their little furbabbies looking for furever homes!  So they are sending out an S.O.S (Save Our Shelter).  The S.O.S will be in the form of a fund raiser on December 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm.   They will be holding a silent auction, raffling off goodie bags, and someone even donated their car to be raffled off!  And it wouldn’t be a Holiday Party without Santa so they will also have a bake sale to lure him in from the North Pole!  Thank you for howling with The Wolf and please consider helping out the little howlers at Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue.  If you can’t make it to the auction then please consider making a donation at     

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Wisdom from King Solomon

Solomon spends A LOT of time telling married men to refrain from cheating on their wife. And since we already discussed that we aren't going into detail today, but why is Solomon spending so much time on this subject? The answer is simply that it was a problem then and it is a problem today. What I want to say at this point is that at least 30 to 40% of the people reading this have cheated on their spouse. And you likely carry a lot of guilt, and the question may be what do you do with it? What do you do with the guilt of straying outside of your marriage?

First of all I think you have to seek forgiveness from the people you hurt, and then you need to figure out a way to forgive yourself. I have some very close friends who have had an affair, and the pain it has caused them and their spouse is without a doubt difficult to overcome. However, some of them have been able to repair the damage, and today have incredible marriages. Solomon warns us that when we cheat we will live the rest of our life with shame. Now, that isn't to say God wants you to live a life of means you will never forget it. My prayer for you, for all of us that have done things we deeply regret, is that we can find the peace of forgiveness and realize that our mistakes don't define our entire lives. You are not the sum of your hurts, habits, or hang-ups.

Thought for the day: Why not write down your top 10 biggest mistakes on a piece of paper and go in the backyard and burn it. Let the past go and don't forget that your mistakes don't have to define you.

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New MicroBrew for You

My friend Joe Rovito and his crew have a brew for you, and it is coming soon.  Don't try to write that at home my friends...I'm a professional!

Taken from Seattle Beer News:

A new brewery has its sights set on Redmond and Eastside beer drinkers. Hi-Fi Brewing just started a lease at 14950 NE 95th St. They will now take on the task of planning and building their 15-bbl brewery and taproom with the expectation of opening in 2013.

The team of owners includes John and Cathy Carothers, Joe Rovito, and Ryan McGee. This group of homebrewers has been planning to go pro for a while, and much work has been done over the summer to get to this point. Their team isn’t complete quite yet, though. According to McGee, “Most of the brewing will be done by a stellar brewmaster we haven’t met yet. We all love beer and love to brew, but we want to bring some pro experience onto the team when we get closer to opening.”

They will plan to sell most of the beer out of the taproom to start, including growler sales, and they will explore distribution as things progress. They aren’t saying much about the styles they plan to brew at this point, but they did say we can expect to see a lager and a session beer in their core lineup. These are two styles they consider under-explored here in the region, and I couldn’t agree more.

Their location will be in the same neighborhood as Black Raven Brewing, so you’ll soon have two breweries in the same area to explore over that way.

Their Facebook page is (inserted & not in original article)

Congrats to the Hi-Fi team on going pro! I look forward to watching the brewery grow.

More info about Hi-Fi Brewing:

We are Hi-Fi Brewing.

Hi-Fi Brewing produces authentic beers. Just as the high fidelity recording techniques developed in the 1960s aimed to recreate–as accurately as possible–the original live musical performance, Hi-Fi Brewing is dedicated to producing beers that are the truest expression of the brewer’s art. Each beer is a faithful rendition of the top-quality ingredients that make it and the passion of the brewing team. And we take advantage of the best technology available to do it.

Hi-Fi maintains the same philosophy through all aspects of its business. The way we treat our customers, our suppliers, our team, and our community is consistent with our approach to beer: integrity is paramount. Honesty and transparency naturally follow.

Authentic. Honest. True. Real. Hi-Fi.

We are Redmond’s next brewery.

Hi-Fi is located at 14950 NE 95th St. in Redmond. We officially have the space starting today (hooray!), which means it will be several months before we can open our doors to the public. We’re in the process now of working with our architect to design a great taproom.

We will pour a wide range of great beers.

Once that taproom is built, we’ll be pouring our starting lineup alongside beers from other fantastic Washington breweries. We know a lot of our customers will be like us – always interested in trying something new and interesting – so we’ll be doing a lot of seasonal and one-off brews.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Anyone interested in following along as we build out the space, install equipment, and get ready for our grand opening in 2013 can find us on Facebook:

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What are You Kidding Me: She ran over her husband why?

Out of Arizona … Obama Drama

Holly Solomon may be one the most devout and psychopathic Republicans on the planet and here is why I say that…because last week when the election results rolled in and the world learned that our President would get another term she also learned that her husband didn’t vote.  And she absolutely lost it and when her husband attempted to get away from her angry butt…she ran over him with her jeep!  He is still in ICU and she will be in prison where she should study our voting system and the Electoral College because Romney won their state of Arizona by over 200,000 votes and her hubby’s vote really wouldn’t have made a difference. 

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Getting The Steve Jobs

I'm reading the Steve Jobs biography and while it is quite long it is keeping my attention.  And when I use the word read know that means that I am listening to it!  I haven’t discovered anything extremely shocking about Jobs other than he used a lot of drugs in his youth.  And how do I put this delicately out of respect for the deceased?  Well, I'm not shocked to discover that he was a jerk. 

Being in the media I have had the rare opportunity to see behind the curtain of a few semi-famous & very famous people.  And having been in several different industries, including church ministry, I have had the opportunity to know some very public figures.  And what I have learned is that when someone reaches great success in the public eye then it is often times, but not always, a good indicator that they are narcissistic and at times downright nasty (AKA a Jerk).  I know that sounds like a terribly judgmental statement to make, but it has often times been my experience (AGAIN, but not always).  And if you think about makes sense.  When someone's life revolves around self-promotion and getting as many people as they can to follow them then what does that tell us about them?  And let me give you another little secret that makes me sound like a jerk.  If their mission in life is to make sure everyone knows their name and what they have accomplished then you can safely bet the farm that they are wreaking havoc behind the curtain of life.  What do I mean by that? 

When it comes to the famous or highly public figures then there are often two different personalities.  There is the one that surfaces in private, backstage, off the air, or behind the curtain.  And then there is the personality that we all see on the stages of life.  And that is where they will often say or do anything to impress you and me.  Because remember, their goal is for everyone to love them as much as they love their selves.  The sad thing is...the people that really know them usually despise them.   They are a terror to work for and with, and when things don’t go their way they throw tantrums of legendary proportions.  There is one story after another of Steve Jobs literally crying when things went sideways.  And there are numerous stories of him going out of his way to humiliate or berate others that disagreed with him.  Many interviewed for the book said that he could be unusually cruel and cold to others.  And that is the same thing that has been said about more famous people than you and I can count.      

I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with continuing to vote for or to be a fan of some of these individuals, but we just have to refrain from worshiping them.  Steve Jobs made an incredibly positive impact on the world around us.  Bill Clinton, a well-known narcissist and jerk, was by all accounts a great president.  You may have heard about some of his minor mistakes in his marriage, but there are numerous stories of him going off on staff members and even getting physical with one.    Bill Gates who has The Gates Foundation that is touching the entire world could be put in the narcissistic camp, and the list could go on. 

The point that I want to make is that just because someone is a good performer, politician, CEO, or even preacher that doesn’t mean they are a good person.  And as long as we keep that in mind we won’t be too disappointed when the curtain comes down…and it always does.  The question we should ask ourselves is, “What will people say about me when my curtain is pulled back?”  I often ask myself if I am putting on a good show or if I am truly trying to be a good person?  Because let’s all be honest with ourselves, and admit that there is a little bit of Steve Jobs in all of us.  We want to be noticed and we want to be admired by the world.  The difference would hopefully be that we are not willing to do anything to get that admiration.  I do think we should all remember that when the show is over, the final curtain is drawn, and we walk off the stage of life the first question from our creator will not be, “How much money did you make and how many people loved you?”  It may very well be, “How much of your money did you give away and how many people did you love?” 

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.Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space

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The One Thing You Need to Know Today

Today can be YOUR day!  Think about that for a moment.  Go ahead I can wait....seriously think about what you can do today.  Okay then let me help you:
  • You CAN begin eating better and excercising.
  • You CAN get that resume up to date.
  • You CAN start looking for another job. 
  • You CAN say you're sorry to that person you hurt.
  • You CAN forgive that person who hurt you. 
  • You CAN choose to do nothing and this time next week you will wish you had got your butt in gear.


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What the _____________ are you?

I am a ________________.  How would you fill in that blank?  For many of you reading this that blank has been more important to you than you realize.  For many, they live their entire life trying to fill in that blank with something very impressive.

It's how we fill in that blank that determines for some of us how we feel about ourselves.  And how we fill in the blank is usually one of the last lines on our e-mails.  And the companies that we work for know that the blank is very very important. So they will often times give us very impressive things to fill in the blank.  Sometimes the blank only has three letters, but they are very powerful letters like CEO or CFO, and some companies know this is important to the employees so they have lots of different CEOs.  They have east coast, west coast, southwest, east of the east coast, and west of the west coast CEOs.  

My friends at Microsoft are really lucky because they are given amazing things to write in their blanks.  In fact, some of them have to send two for the email and one for their blank.  Yes we have very creative ways to fill in the blank.  We use words like executive, national, territory, district, senior, manager, regional manager, and national brand developer.  And then of course there are doctors and lawyers and engineers, which have great blanks, but even that's not good enough so they become the lead, head, managing, or partner.  I heard someone from Apple referred to as a "fellow" and thought that was very cool.  And if I'm not mistaken, if you are given the title of a a "fellow" then you are being told you belong.  And I'm fairly sure we developed that blank in the south, because whenever you walk into a bar or restaurant people will say, "hi fella" or "how are ya fella".  It's like saying, welcome you belong here!  So what is my point?  I want you to know that you are much more than a _____________.  And I'm concerned that some of you feel as though you don't belong because of what is or is not put into your blank by yourself or others. 

Your life can not be summed up in your blanking title.  At the end of your life the pastor will not say, "here lies Jimbo and he was a ____ now let us pray."  Your life will not be and can not be summed up in a title given to you by others or yourself for that matter.  And your Creator has not just given you a small blank line to fill in, but he has given you a very large blank slate.  And you get to determine what is written on that slate.  And for those of you that must have a title then know that your Creator and the ultimate CEO calls you a champion, warrior, beloved, and a masterpiece. 

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Think about the ONE thing

I have so many interests that I think I confuse people.  For example, I am a licensed real estate broker, licensed counselor, licensed/ordained minister, and I'm a radio personality.  And that actually annoys some people because they think I should be fully focused on ONE thing and ONE thing only.  I'm sure that my own parents felt that way over the years.  But think about this ONE thing...we only get ONE life here on earth.  I don't care what Shirley MacLaine says, because I'm here to tell you this is a one time deal.  I would know if I had been here before, because I would be making fewer mistakes! 

I decided at the age of 21 years-old that I was going to place fear aside and go after the passions of my heart.  And so while I sold real estate for my father's company I also went to college to get that piece of paper that could help me do just that!  As I went through my ONE life I didn't ever want someone to say to me that I couldn't have a job simply because I didn't get a degree.  So I got a degree or two and off I went to do ONE thing a few different times! 

Now let me clarify that I do believe you need to establish ONE thing that will be your first priority.  And for me that has become radio because they pay me well, provide benefits for my family, and I signed a contract saying so.  You or I should never "rob Peter to pay Paul"...meaning we don't take advantage of one to benefit the other.  Many times I have had to pass up making money from one venture to go work a concert for our radio station.     

So what is the ONE thing you and I should remember?  We only get ONE life here on earth and we need to make the most of it.  There will be a lot of people that will tell you what you should do with this ONE life, but tell them to worry about the ONE life they have and leave yours alone.  I encourage you to spread your wings and fly responsibly like an eagle if you have a family to provide for at home.  And I encourage you to spread your wings and fly like a bat out of hell if you do not.  As usual I do have a disclaimer with my post in saying I don't encourage you to engage in behaviors that are physically, relationally, spiritually, or mentally damaging to yourself or others.  And as you pursue the many passions of your heart I also encourage you to ask a very important question.  You should spend a great deal of time answering how the pursuit of your passions can be used to make the earth a better place for everyone else who only gets ONE life as well.  Because in the end...we will all learn that life isn't just about us, and that our passions were given to us by the ONE who gave us this ONE life.  And finally, know that you were born to fly...for some it is like an eagle and for others we are simply like a bat out of hell focused on heaven. 


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!/2 The Marathon Man I once was...

My wife and I ran a half-marathon a couple of weeks ago and I had a very unique experience.  It occurred at about mile 5 when we were almost to the turn around point, and I could see the lead runners headed back for home.  As I saw them it took me back several years to a place and time where I was that guy...I was one of the lead runners.  No, I was never an All American athlete, but I was much better than your average road runner.  I consistently finished in the top 10 in most road races, but not on this day. 

On October 27, 2012 I was long removed from the fall of 1986.  And instead of weighting in at around 145 to 150 lbs I'm guessing I would weigh in at around 190 to 195 lbs.  And I was far from leading the pack.  Yet for a moment, just for a moment, I was transported back to a faster and significantly lighter place in time.  I could clearly see that skinny kid with a great mullet in 1986.  My stride was long and my pace was closer to 5 minutes a mile than the 9 minute mile I was trudging through at that moment.  It was an awesome experience, because for that moment..I was young, fast, and skinny again and I could actually appreciate it!  It was one of those awesome moments in life where I was literally dreaming with my eyes wide open!  And then the tears welled up in my eyes as I was transported back to the here and now.  I'm still not clear if those were tears of joy or sadness, and I'm not sure that it matters.  I know that you are thinking that I am going to use this as an illustration for some kind of life lesson, and you would be right. 

It could have been very easy for me to get discouraged when I returned from my brief out of body experience to the here amd now.  Let's face it, I had just returned from a moment in time where I could proudly run with my shirt off to a moment in time were I could possibly benefit from a sports bra!  So  I could have gotten discouraged, and then slowed down as I jiggled my way to the finish line, but that isn't what happened.  At that moment I remembered a plaque that Lisa Dolin gave to me in the 10th grade which said, "The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running" (based on Ecclesiastes 9:11).  So I puffed up my ever expanding chest, and went for it.  I didn't set any records, but I finished strong and that is a great accomplishment in running and in life.      

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