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What are You Kidding Me Story: Wang Chung Tonight

Out of Virginia … Everyone Wang Chung Tonight

Mugshot of James Watson (Courtesy Arlington County Police)On Friday night some guys were getting their drink on when one of them passed out.  Well ladies I know you aren’t going to understand this…but when guys get together and one of them passes out that is a signal for one thing.  Grab a permanent marker and begin drawing on their face.  And that is what happened to James Watson…he passed out and his buddy drew…well…drew a male reproductive organ on his cheek. 

When James woke up from his drunkin stooper he saw it and gave his buddy a beat down that lead to him getting arrested.  But here is the WAYKM part…the guys are both in their 30s!  
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Google is a GREAT Company to Work For

Not only does google do dry cleaning for its employees and free food.  Check out what esle they do...
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Taylor and Who??

Taylor Swift and her very special guest...

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Do want the fires but not the fat?

Burger King has a new invention you need to try:
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5 Cross Training Alternatives to Running


5 Cross Training Alternatives to Running

I like change, but I dread going through change. I never want to feel as though I am getting stagnate on one particular 'thing'. I love to run, but I know that if I run too much, my body doesn't handle it so well. I need days of rest and days where I do something other than run. 
Cross training is a key element in my training, meaning I need to take a day or two and do something other than run. Easy peasy, right? Well, sometimes in the heat of the moment, I seem to scurry around trying to remember what other activities I can get myself into to keep me on track that are comparable to running. So my friends, I have a few different cross training activities that you may find some enjoyment in!
1. Swimming. Swimming is a non-weight bearing activity that allows you to use a variety of different muscles. It also keeps up aerobic endurance that you have worked so hard to maintain while running. This cross training activity is great because it allows you rest your legs all while still getting a full body workout!

2. Pool Running. Exactly as the name sounds, this exercise is done while in the pool. You should pick a spot deep enough where your feet won't touch and literally run in the water. It is very similar to running on a hard surface, but doesn't impact the legs like running on land does. 

3. Cycling. Take your pick here. You can use a stationary bike in the gym, an outdoor bicycle (and take the scenic route!), or go to an awesome spin class. All of these are low impact on the legs and provide that aerobic activity that you need to keep up your running endurance. 

4. Plyometrics. Personally, I love plyometrics. They are hard, but the end result is awesome. They are high intensity and involve skills such as jumping, bounding, and hopping. They provide the groundwork to improve your overall strength and stamina.

5. Rowing. Recently, I have found that I kind of like the rowing machine. It's different, but if done right, it can provide just as much of great workout as running, swimming, or biking. It helps to improve upper body strength as well as hip and quad strength. 
Running is great for the body, but can also take a major toll on it as well. If you don't treat your body well and listen to it, sometimes the good done can cause worse damage and prevent you from obtaining your ultimate goal. I hope you found these cross training alternatives helpful!
What running alternative do you enjoy?!  
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What are You Kidding Me Story: She can make what grow by slapping them?

Please give me your vote! :)

BEST Local Radio Personality

Out of Thailand … Slap Happy (video below)

There is a woman named Khemmica Na Songla, and for almost 20 years Khemmica has been practicing the art…the art I said of body slapping.  How does it work?  Well, she puts on some good music and then starts slapping the areas that you want to look better.  She does face-slapping, which helps get rid of chubby cheeks, she does butt slapping which shirks the junk in your trunk, and…and if you would like to have bigger boo bahs…if you would like to see those breast grow and get firmer.  Well, hold on sister because Khemmica will hang you upside down and treat you like a double trouble speed bag!  Yes Khemmica says she can give a woman bigger breasts by slapping the crap out of them, and if you would like to learn her technique…she will teach you how to slap the mammaries for a mere $263,000…or you could take Fitz’s course for free! 

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A Guy finds a backpack with $42,000 and does what???

A homeless man in Boston named Glen James was walking around a parking lot on Saturday when he came across a backpack in front of a TJ Maxx store.  And when he opened it up, he found a passport, $2,400 in CASH and $40,000 in traveler's checks.  Now at that point, Glen could have run off with it . . . or just walked into TJ Maxx and pretty much bought EVERYTHING.  But instead, he saw a police car, flagged them down, and TURNED IT IN without taking a dime.  About an hour later, the rightful owner called in, and the cops identified him using the passport in the bag.  Glen released a statement yesterday that said, quote, "Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a penny of the money I found."  And he used the opportunity to thank all the people who have given him change over the years.

Please Give Me a Vote! :)

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Luke Bryan Happy Hour!

On August 5th, Luke Bryan joined 99.5 The Wolf for a few glasses of wine, some delicious food, and small set of some of Luke's most popular songs - including his new hit single "That's My Kinda Night" - see video below.







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What are You Kidding Me Story: Going to Pot

Out of Canada … Happy Employees

We don’t have the name of this woman, but my guess is that she is dearly loved at her place of employment, because she is known to always bring in baked good to share in the break room.

And not long ago she brought in a large plate of brownies that her son…her son had cooked.  And after she handed them out it wasn’t long until several employees were giggling, snorting, and craving more munchies.  But then the good case of the paranoias set in and many claimed their arms were going numb and they were sure they were ready to stroke out!  You guessed it, she didn’t realize that those were her son's pot brownies.  Some of the employees wanted her fired, and others wanted her to get a raise.  
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What are You Kidding Me Story: McDonalds goes Family Size

In Kansas City, McDonald's is now testing a family-sized meal in a box.  It has two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 20 McNuggets, and two medium fries.  It's selling for $14.99, which is a few bucks cheaper than all of that stuff individually. 


I'm not sure what kind of modern family you can serve with only two burgers, 20 McNuggets, and two medium fries . . . maybe a two-person family and a small child?  But if this goes well in Kansas City, you could definitely see it go nationwide. 


McDonald's does sell family meals in other countries.  In Australia, they sell the Family Dinner Box, which is two Big Macs, two cheeseburgers, McNuggets, four small fries, and four drinks.


(Burger Business)

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