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Girl Crush Controversy

So lately we have been talking about the "controversy" around Little Big Town's new song, "Girl Crush."  In case you missed it, there are some stations who have stopped playing the song because it sounds like it might be about a woman having a serious crush on another woman.  (It's not.)  I have so many thoughts about this!!!

1)  People need to listen to lyrics before they complain.  Yes, the song is teasing us a little, making us think at first that the woman singing is in love with another woman, but it becomes very clear very quickly that she wants to BE exactly like the other woman because her man has left her for this other woman.  What's controversial about that? As one listener pointed out, it's very much like an old classic song by Dolly Parton, "Jolene."  

2) The media is all over this and I know why.  Whenever they have a chance to portray the country audience as "backward" they jump on it with great enthusiasm.  When a country artist comes out as gay they are always portrayed as being blacklisted by country, when in reality, all of the country stars who have come out have been artists who haven't been played on the radio for quite a while anyway.  It irks me that, in this particular case, not a single article has stated how many stations have boycotted this song.  So far I've only seen evidence of TWO.  In fact, the song is climbing the charts and has moved up to #17 from #33. And yet it's a big story.  

3) Even if it was a song about a woman having a crush on another woman, would you want it banned?  Based on the Facebook and phone call response to this issue, I'm pretty sure most of our listeners would be okay with it.  Lots of people seem to feel that even if they aren't gay, hearing a song about a woman liking another woman wouldn't bother them.  

Controversy = officially over!  But feel free to share your comments with us on our FB page if you like.  

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