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Police Arrest a Man Who Tried To Hide His Gun Under a Plant at the Airport

So you get to the airport and realize you brought your GUN.  You don't want the TSA to confiscate it but you don't have time to take it home or you'll miss your flight.  WHAT DO YOU DO?  The answer is . . . not this.


On June 24th, 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson of Eagle Point, Oregon was flying out of Portland and realized he had his loaded gun with him.


So he came up with a plan:  He'd hide the gun underneath a PLANTER BOX in the airport.  That way, he could just grab it when he got back from his trip.


But security watched him hide the gun . . . and he was arrested for reckless endangerment.  By the way, if you find yourself in this situation, you ARE allowed to put a gun in your checked luggage.  You have to declare it when you check in, the gun can't be loaded, and it has to be in a hard, locked container.

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Crocodile bites down onto trainer's head

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Mount Si wildfire inches closer to homes

The wild fire on Mt. Si continues in North Bend!  This is a few miles from my home in Snoqualmie, and one of the most beautiful areas in the world!  Say a prayer for the fire fighters and people who live in the area.  

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Crash Luke's Party...

Make sure you tune in this weekend for your chance to win passes to special, live performance from Luke Bryan with The Wolf! Details here. Meanwhile, check out Luke's latest video featuring his lovely bride!

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Little Bit Of Everything...

Check out Keith's newest video for his latest hit Little Bit Of Everything!

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What are You Kidding Me Story: He did what to impress his girlfriend?

Out of the land of Ellen Tailor & her beautiful family, out of Greece … Not very Impressive

Police were called to the scene of a shooting…it was a 16 year-old boy who claimed to have accidently shot himself in the foot.  And he had…had indeed shot himself right in the foot, but after more questioning the young man began to panic and admitted that he had actually shot himself in the foot on PURPOSE.  Why?  Because he said he was trying to impress a girl so he made up the story.  Because apparently the women in Greece are impressed with men who can’t handle a gun???
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Too Drunk To Karaoke...


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The Good Stuff for July 24, 2013

This is a copy of the texts that come in...sorry it is difficult to read!

  07:44:41 AM
  nd as I blew some back he pretended to choke on my kisses with that mischievous little kid grin. kids are such a blessing in this life :) ~Rachel, Samma    
  was leaving for the day and walking out to my car, the baby climbed on the back of the couch so he could watch me through the window. He blew me kisses a    
  This is to appreciate all the kids in our beautiful world! I nanny two kids; one 5 year old girl and one 18 month old bouncing baby boy. Last week, as I    
  ir family. I got chills listening to the good stuff about military coming home!    
  My brother in law is in the navy and just deployed for a 9 month tour. His wife and year old son are waiting for him across the country away from all the    
  Have you seen this video? (redneck crazy) Hilarious! Has duck dynasty willie.    
  In 7 days I will be in san antonio texas at lackland air force base to watch my son graduate boot camp!    
  So thankful and blessed to never be in a situation to be in survival mode, just wants. So much of our world is in survival mode, either out of war or hun    
  ger while we complain about not having enough. God has been good to us.    
  ­I love to death and two beautiful daughters...    
  ­3 months ago after 15 yrs my husband lost his job..cant cash out his pension til hes 50 yrs old....the good stuff is i still have a amazing husband that    
  I was at the mall with my 19 year old and 15 year old one day, and my 19 year old tells me: Mom, I am the only one I know my age that likes to hang out with their mom at the mall...    
  My aunt that has survived breast cancer 4 times and ovarian cancer twice has her one year check up tomorrow to make sure that the ovarian cancer has not come back for a third time so praise God that she lived through all of that and hopefully it is gone for good    
  Leaving in the morning for Disney World! With my 4 yr granbaby, her mom and my hubby! Love it!    
  On july 31 my husband and I will be married for 5 years which would have been my grandparents 63 anniversary. We rushed our wedding to make surr my grandmother could be there. She passed away from cancer 1 year later when we foind out it would be hard for us to get pregnant and now our baby girl is 3 months old! *TNT*    
  Monday got to be with my 25 yr old daughter get a its not cancer from dr.    
  ­nd more inlove then ever    
  ­Ellen: not mine but for my aunt n uncle it's the ANV today after all there hard struggles and going in an out of the hospital there still living strong a    
  Happy Birthday to Randy and Momma Fitz!    
  My husband and I just celebrated 18 years of marriage and 21 years together! THAT is the good stuff!    
  Happy birthday Randy!!!    
  My boss bringing us bagels is the good stuff    
  It's our 3rd anniversary! Krystle from MV    
  Happy birthday mama fitz and Randy! Also it's my daughters 12th bday. Thats the good stuff for me!!    
  The not just good but amazing stuff, is that I'm pregnant!    
  In exactly one month from today I am marrying my best friend! That's the good stuff!!!    
  Something good. Today I have been married for 14 years! We got married when I was 18    
  Wooooooohoooooooooo :))    
  2-?I'm alive and well. Thankful for each day that I get to live. 3-? I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow after 3 weeks. Ill be visiting him in portland..    
  Good news: Top 3 1-? my mom comes home this weekend after being gone for a little over a month. She went to europe to take care of her ill father. Yay!!    
  4at with us.    
  4ld not wish upon anybody. My heart goes out to that girl who is losing her father. Such a sad story but such a beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing th    
  4 cry often over her. The world suffered a tremendous loss the day she passed! Watching someone die of that very aggressive ugly cancer is something I wou    
  My cousin is getting married on Saturday to her highschool sweetheart. They have been together for 5 years! Might not seem like exciting news to some, but I'm a hopeless romantic because whenever two people commit their lives to eachother, it's proof that goodness and love still exist in this often heartbroken world! Have a great day Wolf! You all are the best! The good Lord bless!    
  4o pancreatic cancer. She was the mother I never had. There isn't a day that passes that we don't think about her and that we don't miss her. We all still    
  Wooooooohoooooooooo :))    
  4That story about the dad who is dying of pancreatic cancer is incredibly sad and brings tears to my eyes. Back in January 2012 we lost my mother-?in-?law t    
  2-?I'm alive and well. Thankful for each day that I get to live. 3-? I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow after 3 weeks. Ill be visiting him in portland..    
  Good news: Top 3 1-? my mom comes home this weekend after being gone for a little over a month. She went to europe to take care of her ill father. Yay!!    
  My granddaughter Willow was born on June 12 and Weighed 1 pound 12 ounces and on Saturday July 20th I got to hold Willow for the first time now thats a good stuff    
  Good news: Top 3 1-? my mom comes home this weekend after being gone for a little over a month. She went to europe to take care of her ill father. Yay!!    
  I'm getting married on Saturday and Jamaica on Sunday. Can you guys broadcast down there for us? Thx mon, Brendon    
  I'm getting married a month from today!!    
  Expecting my first baby girl in four weeks-? Evelyn    
  I got a promotion at work! Capriece. :)    
  My husband is finally coming home this week after 9 long months in Afghanistan. We got married 10 days before he deployed in Hurricane Sandy in Annapolis, MD. Can't wait to be in his arms again.    
  fair to help with 24/7 care during that time    
  part of your station??    
  Hi I have been wanting to text the show for about a year now on this subject... Is there any reason you guys play Alan Jackson six times a day?? Does he own    
  lly I brought her an ultra sound photo. The next morning she passed. I think about her all the time but through my son I see her.    
  "Spoon" 38 year old from Enumclaw has a match for his needed bone marrow transplant! His family will have a benefit booth this weekend at Enumclaw Street    
  My grandma was dying of lung cancer and I was 7 months prego with her first great grand baby. She kept saying she cldnt let go until she saw him. Eventua    
  Saturday I am having shower good my first grandchild a boy who will be named hunter love your show Jessica    
  Good stuff is having my 2 teenage sons home from visiting their Daddy in Louisiana the last 3 weeks. Single mom the last 11 years and they have never been away from me more than 7 says a year.    
  top saluting as they drove under    
  Good stuff, fallen fire fighters wife drives his ashes in his truck to his home town in oregon. Every overpass on the trip had fire engines with crew on    
  ­ goodbye was just temporary.    
  ­I am a nanny for foster children. Just recently, i had to say goodbye to one of our 4 year old boys. He called me mommy for 9 months, and im 16. He said    
  For my wonderful boy friend jake Aldridge and for getting into dental hygiene school in Utah!!!    
  wedding, which never got to happen, but I'm very happy that they were able to do that!    
  Wow the story about the wedding dance is amazing, my dad passed away from a Heart attack. & I always looked forward to being able to dance with him at my    
  My son Jordan is moving back with me. After my divorce my wife took off with the kids to MI. Hes turning 18 in september and she cant stop him this time. Our favorite time was listening to the what are ya kidding me stories together. Now we get that back    
  My daughter has her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy so something good came from my divorce    
  Dangit Fitz..I am trying to drive! Mascara alert indeed!    
  I am a single mom of 3, bought my own home yesterday. All by myself! Megan in Laconner    
  I'm getting married this saturday!!!!! Amy from mt Vernon    
  part of your station??    
  Hi I have been wanting to text the show for about a year now on this subject... Is there any reason you guys play Alan Jackson six times a day?? Does he own    
  living so I will be able to stay home with them and our little girl when she gets here :) we feel so blessed -? Marshelle    
  also were told that the baby had cysts on her heart and brain and just found out they went away on there own :) and I just started watching my nieces for a    
  The good stuff-? My husband Chris and I will be married for 7 years in August and just moved into our new home and are expecting our first child in sept :) we    
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What are You Kidding Me Story: He Called 9-1-1 eighty different times because..

Out of Florida … Special Delivery

Jarvis Sutton is a moron..Serious…this is almost too stupid for the What are You Kidding Me Story!  Jarvis called 9-1-1 and said he was in dire need of three things…apparently he had to have three things to survive and he made this request of 9-1-1 eighty different times on Sunday.  What did he want?  He called and asked 9-1-1 to have someone bring him burgers, weed (yes he wanted some happy salad), and of course he wanted to wash it all down with Cherry Kool Aid.  
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Tim McGraw - Southern Girl - Live Premiere!

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