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A repost of my blog post on my 46th Birthday






The relationships you make will determine the quality of your life.  Put your relationship with God first and a very close second is your relationship with your spouse.  Make them a priority and love them with every fiber of your heart and soul.  Spend as much time as you can with your parents and call them often.  And never ever stop making new friends and do your best to stay in touch with all the good ones.  You will know who the good ones are because they will be quick to listen, slow to give advice or judge, and when they have nothing to gain from you...they still stick around.   


Religion will suck the life out of you and crush your faith in God.  If you focus on the teachings of Jesus and get rid of the rules manifested by the modern church you will have a stronger faith and feel more connected to God.  Religious people are angry and judgmental and it is because they are jealous.  They are angry at people that do the things they would love to be doing.  Never trust a pastor who wants his picture on everything.   


Never quit a job without having another one lined up unless you have a ton of money in the bank, and the current job seems to be destroying your life.  Do your best to find a job that you enjoy, but know that what you do for a living may simply be what puts food on your table.  However, you must be involved in the things that put meaning into your life.  If your value and self worth is based on what you do for a living then you will be very vulnerable (someone else said that but can't remember who).  Your value as a man is not based on your title, but on how you treat others...especially your wife and children.  If you are highly successful at work, and neglect your wife and are not truly successful.  In 20-30 years your children will not give a damn about the title you had after your name, but they will remember what kind of father you were to them and if you were a good husband to their mother.  The most import title that you will have is father & husband. 

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03/05/2013 9:55AM
A repost of my blog post on my 46th Birthday
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