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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 9th!

Q:  According to a recent Harvard study, Americans believe there's a 50% chance they'll someday be involved in a serious or fatal accident.  In reality, what is the actual chance of this happening?  2% chance;  5% chance;  10% chance
A:  5% Chance

Q:  In what month did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur?
A:  December  (7th, 1941)

Q:  According to a new poll, what are Americans now worried about the most?   a) National Budget  b) Unemployment Rate  c) Higher Taxes
A:  Unemployment Rate 33% (then taxes and Budget)

11/09/2009 3:06PM
All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 9th!
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11/09/2009 3:15PM
Mike Harmon
I discovered your homepage by coincidence. Very interesting posts and well written. I will put your site on my blogroll. :-)
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