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Arsenic in Food?

So I received my daily email from Food Inc. today and it was titled, "Maryland decides chickens shouldn't eat poison anymore."  Now, I'm no doctor or scientist, but I'm thinking that has to be a good thing!  The article continues to say, "Shockingly, it's standard practice for chicken farmers to feed their chickens arsenic. The chemical is used as an additive to kill parasites and promote growth. Last week, Maryland became the first state to declare it illegal."

I honestly don't know enough about this to give anyone advice, but it is seriously concerning and I pray more research is being done.  Marrian Burros of The New York Times wrote a recent article about this subject and made some interesting statements.  She wrote, "The amount (of arsenic) is not enough to kill anyone in one fell swoop, but arsenic is a recognized cancer-causing agent and many experts say that no level should be considered safe. Arsenic may also contribute to other life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes, and to a decline in mental functioning."  Think about the "illnesses" Ms. Burros mentioned.  The first being heart disease, which is the number one killer in America right now.  Then she talks about diabetes and a decline in mental functioning.  The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes, especially children, is alarming right now.  And ask any teacher how many of her students are struggling with a decline in mental functioning, and they will tell you that it is alarming. 

 Picture going to your favorite fast food drive thru and it going something like this: 

  • loud screech: Can I take your order?
  • You lean your sexy neck out as far as you can get it:  Yes I would like a chicken sandwich, small fries, and a large Dr. Pepper.
  • screech:  Okay, I have your order as a chicken sandwich, some small fries, and a large Dr. Pepper is that correct?
  • Yes
  • screech:  Okay sweet heart pull around.  Oh wait I almost forgot, there may be just a trace...small trace of arsenic in your chicken is that okay?
  • problem. 

Don't get me wrong, because I am not saying I never go to a fast food restaurant or buy non organic food at the grocery store, but I am beginning to think that when you and I buy processed food we are no different than the person sucking down a pack of cigarettes a day.  Do me a small favor and watch the documentary "Food Inc."  You can rent it at your favorite video store or simply watch it through Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.  It has changed the way I view food.  As you can see I have attached the trailer for Food Inc. below.  Now, here is what a lot of people say, "I can't afford to eat organic or healthy food."  I'm not sure that is true because IF you and I choose to eat truly natural foods then we won't be going out to eat as often, drinking as much booze, or going to the doctor as often.  And maybe the question should be, "Can we afford not too?"  Just some FOOD for thought! 


Tony Russell, MA, LMHC


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03/05/2013 9:52AM
Arsenic in Food?
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