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Before & After

I would like to think Optimal365 for their help in losing 20 lbs and about 5 inches off of my waist!  I was also recently able to complete another half-marathon, which makes me very happy.  

If you contact the fine folks at Optimal365 then they can explain to you how their program works.  However, I can sum it up by saying they teach you how to get healthy.  There are simply a list of foods you need to avoid, some you can have in moderation, and others you can have until you feel stuffed.  

In my opinion, losing the weight is easy.  If you stick to almost any diet you will lose weight.  The problem for most of us is that we go back to our old ways of eating as soon as the scale says we have reached our goal weight.  At Optimal365 they didn't just teach me how to lose weight, but they also taught me how to keep it off by eating healthy foods that taste good.  The rest is now up to me!

Do I ever eat or drink things that I shouldn't?  You better believe it!  I try to live by the 95% rule in that I eat healthy 95% of the time, but I also exercise like a beast.  And I keep a very close eye on my weight by weighing in on a regular basis.  If it begins to move the wrong direction I start cutting a few of the higher calorie items out of my diet.  

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03/28/2013 10:27AM
Before & After
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