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Believe in America?

I noticed that #Believe in America is now trending on twitter, and it made me ask myself the obvious question, "Do I still believe in America?"  And the answer is absolutely!  This is still a great country and things will get better.  And remember that both the Republicans and the Democrats are trying to scare you too death right now.  They want you to think that one guy runninf for President is the Savior and one is Satan. 

The truth of the matter is...both men running for president want what is best for America.  The only question that you and I need to ask is, "Which one of these guys has the balls and brains to turn this country around?"  I'm not going to give you my opinion on that because you shouldn't care about what I think.  And don't listen to anyone else either...especially those in the media.  Go do your research and pick your guy and then vote.  If you and I don't vote then we can't complain, and if there is one thing we love to do in America it is complain!

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10/05/2012 9:05AM
Believe in America?
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