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Can your depression be a good sign?

 Depression or Growth

I heard a statement on my way to work this morning at 3:30, and it was so powerful that it almost woke me up! In his book The Road Less Traveled, Dr. Peck makes this statement, “depression can be a natural occurrence of giving something up. “ What I hear him saying is that not all depression is bad. In fact, it can be a sign of personal, mental, and spiritual growth. And I can give you several examples: the alcoholic giving up booze, divorcing or breaking up with someone that is abusive, or giving up dependence on a parent.   In all of those situations people will often times get depressed, because they are giving up something. 

Where we can get into trouble is when we resist making the necessary changes or we don’t make them at all. Because that means we are unwilling to do the things that will help us grow. I believe this explains the phenomenon known as the midlife crisis. Think about that for a moment…when we hit our forties a lot of changes begin to take place! Some changes that we make and some changes that are out of our control. I believe that is why so many men and women go through a major depression later in life. The depression isn’t always a sign that we are doing something wrong…in fact, it may mean that we are doing something right. I will write more about this in future blogs.
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01/26/2011 12:07PM
Can your depression be a good sign?
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