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Come Join Me in a Fight (for clean air)

 Hey Everyone, 
     Its been a while since I have checked in but I am still smoke free.  Going on a little over three months.  I am really excited about joining the Fight for Clean Air Stair Climb.   I want each and everyone one of you who reads this to join my team.  On October 23rd, we can fight together for clean air.  Whether you know someone with asthma, a smoker, etc.  This is for you and anyone can do it!   I'm excited for you to join me on that day!    Go to the link below and be a part of something great!  :)

Get More Info Here:

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07/08/2011 4:03PM
Come Join Me in a Fight (for clean air)
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07/19/2011 12:21AM
im there!
Totally thinking I might be joining you on that! I am 4 days smoke free and am starting all over again!
07/20/2011 6:22PM
Good Job
Good Job to you both. I quite 5 1/2 years ago its hard but you can do it. :-)
08/05/2011 5:11PM
Congrats to you both!
4 days in, way to go! It's a tough habit, but the motivation to be healthy and seeing Randy's progess should help you succeed. Randy, you're the man and best wishes in the October stairclimb!!
08/29/2011 11:48AM
Hi Randy! Congratulations on staying smokefree and becoming a dad! -Colleen from ALA in Oregon
09/15/2011 10:32PM
hi randy and fits
you guys are great i am a young teen but i listen to your guys radio station every morning i can!!! my sister dosent like it but me being the younger but bigger brother can get it so i listen to you guys when i wake up( which is from five till 6:10 and if i am lucky i drive to school and hear you till 7:00!) and when i do my homework and even when i go to bed. i love your guys talk shows and your what are you kiding me storyies they mean a lot because i don't have tv and you guys introduce the bad stuff positively. i love randy the bisket and Mary and her attitudes. fits you just stay big and great. you all are a great team and make my day every morning even if my family fights you guys start my day off great. you guys should have like old country song of the day like through the day have one main old song. stay healthy and happy!!!! keep up the good work. lol i never done any thing bad. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!! :) P.S. sincerely Robert
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