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Could YOU really have PTSD?

I have recently learned that there are far more people walking around with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than I realized. Yes, we all realize that someone who has gone to war or witnessed a terrorist attack could easilyl have PTSD, but what about the average citizen?  I know this sounds dramatic, but we all go through traumatic experiences in our lifetime.  It can be anything from abuse or bullying that someone suffered as a child to being diagnosed with a specific illness.  PTSD can hit those who lost someone they cared about as a child or an adult, and it can even present itself after a car accident.  

Below you will see that I copy and pasted the symptoms from WebMD to help educate all of us.  If you or someone you know know has PTSD then it is important for you to find a good counselor to help you work through the pain and fear that you may be stuffing away.  When we stuff the pain away it may eventually make its way back into our lives either through anxiety, depression, or even an addiction.  

Symptoms of PTSD:

Reliving the event

Bad memories of the traumatic event can come back at any time. You may feel the same fear and horror you did when the event took place. You may feel like you're going through the event again. This is called a flashback. Sometimes there is a trigger: a sound or sight that causes you to relive the event. Triggers might include:

  • Hearing a car backfire, which can bring back memories of gunfire and war for a combat veteran.
  • Seeing a car accident, which can remind a crash survivor of his or her own accident.
  • Seeing a news report of a sexual assault, which may bring back memories of assault for a woman who was raped.

Avoiding situations that remind you of the event

You may try to avoid situations or people that trigger memories of the traumatic event. You may even avoid talking or thinking about the event.

  • A person who was in an earthquake may avoid watching television shows or movies in which there are earthquakes.
  • A person who was robbed at gunpoint while ordering at a hamburger drive-in may avoid fast-food restaurants.
  • Some people may keep very busy or avoid seeking help. This keeps them from having to think or talk about the event.

Feeling numb

You may find it hard to express your feelings. This is another way to avoid memories.

  • You may not have positive or loving feelings toward other people and may stay away from relationships.
  • You may not be interested in activities you used to enjoy.
  • You may forget about parts of the traumatic event or not be able to talk about them.

Feeling keyed up

You may be alert and on the lookout for danger. This is known as increased emotional arousal. It can cause you to:

  • Suddenly become angry or irritable.
  • Have a hard time sleeping.
  • Have trouble concentrating.
  • Fear for your safety and always feel on guard.
  • Be very startled when someone surprises you.

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04/25/2013 10:12AM
Could YOU really have PTSD?
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