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Do You Get It?

This was sort of a test, because I'm not sure why your husband or wife doesn't want to do IT.  I'm not even sure what you thought IT is or if IT is something you want to do.  However, I know that if I write anything that has to do with sex or even insinuates it might be about sex that I get more hits to my blog! 

So let's assume you are here because your husband, wife, or significant other doesn't want to do IT, and you want to have more of IT.  I want to recommend a book for you to read that will get you both in the mood to do IT more often.  Ready?  No, it isn't 50 Shades of Grey but that has been known to work.  I'm talking about a book called, The Five Love Languages

I have written about the The Five Love Languages many times, but people still don't want to take the time to read it so that they can get more of IT.  They just don't GET IT.  So let me sum up the book by saying this...if you aren't conveying love to your significant other then you won't get IT nearly as often as you would if they feel loved.  Yes, believe it or not ladies men want to feel loved too.  They won't admit that so I am doing it for them so that you can get more of IT from them.  And guys, if your wife isn't feeling loved then you can forget IT.  So this is just a brief blog to tell you to quit arguing or focusing on what doesn't matter in life and get to IT.  Begin focusing on making your significant other feel like he or she is the center of your universe.  If you will do that then you will be amazed at what will happen, and I promise that you will thank me for it!

11/02/2012 6:32AM
Do You Get It?
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