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Do You Live for The Weekends?

My good friend Matt Hoover, who was season two's winner of The Biggest Loser, asked me to buy the book by Joel Osteen called, Every Day A Friday.  Now to be honest with you if anyone else had told me to buy the book then I wouldn't have done it, but Matt is a guy's guy!  In other words, he is the dude you knew in college who crushed beer cans on his head, chewed on nails, and you just prayed you didn't piss him off.  I don't want to speak for him, but I'm willing to guess that he would have never gone on a show to lose weight had their not been big time prize money.  So when a guy like that says a book is helping to make a positive impact on his life then I want to read it!

The title comes from the fact that most people live for the weekend.  They just do their best to get through Monday-Thursday, and then they change their attitude and level of happiness on Friday.  I'm only a few pages into Every Day A Friday and I enjoy the simplicity of Osteen's writing, because he isn't trying to impress the reader with big words or even deep theological thoughts.  He is simply bringing out one great point and that is the fact that we all need to start living in the moment.  Matt and I have one thing in common and that is we are always looking to conquer the next big event in life.  And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting big goals...we can't let that keep us from enjoying where we are today.  Like many of you, Matt and I both have small children and great spouses, and yet there are way too many times we catch ourselves not focus on them.  Why?  Because we are distracted from the present by the what ifs of the future.  In our minds we are already working on the next big thing, worrying about the next contract, dreaming of another promotion, or simply in another world.

Thought for The Day:  Stop living for the weekend and look around you for the gifts and blessings of today. 

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10/05/2012 9:04AM
Do You Live for The Weekends?
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