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Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan

The blog is called “What’s Ellen Tailor Wearing.” So why the heck hasn’t there been any fashion posts you ask? Because I feel fat. While I can fit into my jeans, I’ve resorted to leggings and stretchy pants because they’re comfortable. Yes, I know, I’m being hard on myself. But I don’t believe in complaining about something without having a solution. That solution? Dr. Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.

Dr. Oz is a good friend of the Fitz in the Morning show. We had him on last week and he told us how his producers went through every episode and picked out all of the weight loss tip and tricks then combined them into an easy plan. All four of us on our show decided to try his two week plan. But where to start?

Dr. Oz suggested printing off THIS one-sheet and keeping it on the refrigerator to stay focused. Included is a grocery shopping list and an easy-to-follow guide to the plan. Let’s be honest, we all know what we have to do to lose weight. It’s just a matter of doing it. With this guide I’m hopeful I’ll be successful.

The plan starts today and I’ll be checking back in a week with an update. While I don’t feel comfortable posting my weight and measurements, I will share how many pounds and inches (if any) I’ve lost in 7 days and again after 14 days.

In the meantime, the blog will continue and I’ve got a TON of great new posts headed your way. (Feel free to look through past posts and looks HERE.) If I’m going to distract myself from cravings I’ll have to focus my attention on something else, right?! Why not this!

Thanks so much for being loyal and supportive readers!



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02/18/2014 6:51AM
Dr Oz
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02/18/2014 7:31AM
Ariix _rep
You all should try Ariix and lose 1/2 to 2/3 pound a day!! Yes it is happening and totally safe!! Totally natural and 100% potency guaranteed clinical studies to back it up... Find me on FB Dee Timmons
02/18/2014 9:46AM
When do you eat and how much? What are the other foods for that aren't the smoothie or broth...the instructions seem to be lacking :(
02/19/2014 12:46PM
Jumping On Board
I am so excited that you shared this! Totally supporting you all and this adventure and will be joining! Can't wait to hear all about it!
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