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Dry Digits in An Instant

?The quickest way to spruce up a look is a simple manicure but when life happens, simple quickly turns into nerve racking! What if there as a miracle potion that set your nails in a flash?
You've mastered painting both hands without smudging and created the perfect smile line. As you wait for your nails to dry, you have the dying urge to itch your head, your kids start nagging, or your dog whines to be let out. Your mani is ruined and you curse under your breath realizing you have to start all over again. 
The answer to your prayers costs less than $5 bucks and is found at most drugstores. Sally Hansen "Dries Instantly" Top Coat is a must for all DIY manicures. The polish applies smooth and sleek without bubbling. The best part is that it really does dry and set your nails so fast! Skip the expensive solutions and give it a go for yourself. It's $5 very well spent!



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03/05/2013 10:14AM
Dry Digits in An Instant
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