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Yeah, I was THAT person at The Trailblazer's game

I've had an ongoing love affair with the Detroit Pistons for as long as I can remember. When I realized the Portland Trailblazers would play my beloved team, I had to find a way to be there!

Cue our awesome boss, Tim. He perked me and 3 friends with some awesome seats to the game. (Thanks again by the way!) We decided to make it a girls weekend and realized there was no better place to stay than the Hotel Vintage Plaza on Broadway in the heart of downtown Portland. Not only is this place gorgeous, the staff was super friendly and the rooms were so nice! The complimentary wine happy hour was an added bonus! I'll definitely be back and would highly recommend Hotel Vintage Plaza to anyone. (Check them out at

The Rose Garden was a quick cab ride from our hotel which made it easy on the wallet and convenient since we didn't have to worry about parking. I nearly lost my voice cheering on the Pistons but even though they lost, we all scored a free chalupa from Taco Bell since the Trailblazers scored 100+ points.

A few cocktails, a great game, and a comfortable place to stay all with my best gal pals by my side. I'd have to say that Portland treated us well. Until we meet again...

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03/20/2013 10:10AM
Yeah, I was THAT person at The Trailblazer's game
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04/02/2013 9:24AM
That person....
You have become quite the home town girl! We LOVE having you here! Did you know that Rodney Stuckey is from Kent? It is great that you were rooting for one of our "boys"! :D
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