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Mother Rules

Single ladies. If you take only one piece of advice from me, it's this. Buy the book Not Your Mother's Rules.
In the mid-90's, The Rules created a dating craze telling women to be mysterious. Play the game even though we swear we hate them. Men are hunters. Let them hunt YOU! A gal pal read The Rules last fall and quickly changed her dating life. I didn't bother reading it because the book was outdated and didn't address the stresses of the 21st century. What about text, Facebook, and Twitter? It's all so overwhelming, right?! Wrong.
How long do you wait before responding to a text? (The answer: 2-4 hours!) When do you make the relationship Facebook official? (The answer: You don't.) How do you get a man to ask you out on a date? (The answer: Read the book!) Whether you're in college, in your 30's, or 50 and newly divorced, this book will change your entire outlook. 
Stop spoiling men. Stop making it easy. Start picking out fab outfits for amazing dates because that's you're weekends will be jam packed with them after reading Not Your Mother's Rules.


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03/05/2013 10:13AM
Mother Rules
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