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Fitz's 10 Commandments of Marriage

1-Thou shall not cheat
2-Thou shall get medicine in the middle of the night
3-Thou shall forego sexual contact every once in a while
4-Thou shall fight and scream during your fight
5-Thou shall compliment your spouse
6-Thou shall date each other (date nights)
7-Thou shall flirt with thy spouse
8-Thou shall laugh together
9-Thou shall rub feet and scratch backs
10-Thou shall cuddle sometimes without having sexual contact

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05/16/2013 8:37AM
Fitz's 10 Commandments of Marriage
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05/16/2013 9:04AM
Already broke th first one
Didn't you already break the first commandment when you met your current wife? I believe you cheated on your first wife, before you divorced her and married Bethany.
05/16/2013 1:16PM
Had me laughing
I love that I was able to nod my head to all of these! Told my husband when he was home on lunch and he nodded... And yes "laundry" is an obligation, but it's a door that swings both ways.
05/16/2013 5:03PM
SO funny and SO true
you guys had me laughing so hard this morning. Being divorced myself, I could totally relate to what actually ruined my marriage which was most of these commandments not being upheld. very funny show this morning!
05/17/2013 10:16PM
To the person who posted already broke one
Maybe he did already break the first one. But seems to me that he's probably not like that anymore and that he has changed. So keep in mind, that people can and do change and maybe he lives by these. So before you go criticizing people, maybe you should consider other things. Have you never cheated on someone? Do you not hang out with cheaters? Have you ever been cheated on and forgave that person? Quit ponying fingers when you have three pointing at yourself. Just saying...
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