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Posts from October 2012

Every Halloween
There is a house that goes above and beyond with the light display.  Check this out...
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in Case You Missed The Coolest Thing On Earth
Hey Y'all,
        This is one of the coolest things i have seen in a long time.  You probably saw it but if you missed the world record highest skydive, then here it is.
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She Got Off Easy If You Ask Me
You can read the story at the link I am providing but a mother got 99 years for gluing her child to the wall and beating them because of potty training issues.  What kind if monster hurts children?   Being a father myself, I could never imagine what on earth would make someone want to harm a child.  I am glad she is locked away.
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Be Careful With The Liquor Kids

Hello All,
     This story is sad.  This girl drank one of those cocktails at a bar that are made from liquid nitorgen and shortly after , SHE HAD TO HAVE HER STOMACH REMOVED...

Check out this story...

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Hey y'all
       No reason to try to hide it, I am a nerd.  A big nerd.  An embarrassingly big nerd.  I came upon this article today about how a zombie apocalypse could actually happen and thought I would share.  Have a great day!

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