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Posts from June 2013

If You Love Dogs, You Must See This
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Awesome Daughter Fixes Dad's Computer
Hey all,
      I thought this was pretty adorable.  This little girl fixed her dad's computer and gave him an invoice for one trip to Round Table Pizza.  Pretty Cute!

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Scary, But This Is What We Are Eating
Hey guys,
     I like to post stuff that could you make you healthier or live longer.  I like things like this becasue, as a father, and I want to be around for my son as long as i can be and i am sure you feel the same way.

Take a look at what we have in our food that we eat everyday.  It's REALLY scary!!

Click Here to See What Is Hiding In Your Food
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Click Here if You Never Want to Sleep Again
Hey guys,
      Many people (including Indiana Jones) are afraid of snakes.  Well, allow me to help increase that fear a little bit.  Watch this video of a MASSIVE albino python opening a door.

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Guinea Pig Suit of Armor
What do you get for a guinea pig that has everything?  Well, how about a complete suit of armor?

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Falcon Chases A Pro Mountain Biker
This is just incredible!!!!

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Mind Controlled Helicopters?
We spoke about this on the show this morning.  Check out what the University of Minnesota is doing to help people with physical handicaps.

Click Here To Have Your Mind Blown
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What A "Real" Woman Looks Like
Hey guys,
     I read this woman's blog and she talks about how you see all those facebook posts about how real women are curvier and have a little more meat on their bones, etc.  This woman went from being what some people would call overweight to being what some people would call the picture of perfect health.  Please read this blog and let me knwo what you think of how she feels about curvier women.   I found thid interesting.

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