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Guns & Ammo
 love this pic of Miranda Lambert from!/cma?sk=wall
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What is in a name?

Last week almost 300 women in India changed there names. 
No, they didn't change their names because they got married. 
They did so because of the meaning...the meaning their names
had in Hindu.  Each of the girls had been given a name by their
parents that meant "unwanted".  From the time they were born
the message was clear to them.  They were not what their parents
hoped for or wanted.  

I know a lot of people today, regardless of their name, who feel 
that they were unwanted.  It wasn't so much that their parents told
them that they were unwanted, but they were made to feel that way. 
What about you?  What would you say that your name means? 
What is the meaning behind your life?

Regardless of what you or your parents are wanted and
needed on earth.  God designed you with careful precision.  Some
of you reading this may not need to change your name, but you
definately need to change the meaning you have given to it.  In fact,
you need to realize that you have meaning.    

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Scotty McCreery

Well I knew it would happen!  Scotty McCreery did a great job singing the National Anthem last night, but before game one of the World Series was over the critics were blogging and broadcasting.  They were talking about him forgetting to turn on his microphone and flubbing a line. 

Well let me address the first "flub" for you.  I'm guessing that he was told that he would get a cue as to when to start singing.  Therefore, he likely thought the stadium's sound folks were going to turn on his microphone.  When it comes to his tongue tied moment...Billboard reports, "The notoriously tough song did trip him up once, when he appeared to swap "O say does that star-spangled…" with "No Jose does that…"  Okay, so that obviously didn't come out right, but you have to admit he still sounded good singing it!  If you are one of the haters then I want you to consider something.  This time last year Scotty was playing baseball in high school.  And last night he stood and sang in front of nearly 50,000 screaming fans inside the stadium and another 12 million or so watching on television.  It is safe to say that few of us could stand up and speak one clear sentence in those conditions, much less sing on key. 

We should also consider that this young guy's people probably have him on a horrendous schedule, and he is likely getting less sleep than Charlie Sheen on a bender in Vegas!  Hey, y'all know that I enjoy being slightly sarcastic in these situations, but not this time.  Scotty sang one of the most important and difficult songs to sing, and I was impressed.  Yes, I still want to know who Jose is and why the Star Spangled Banner doesn't wave for him, but that will have to remain a mystery.   

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Happy Hump Day
Well is it Wednesday...meaning you may likely be beining to struggle with that diet you started or habit you stopped on Monday.  Hang in can do it!
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