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1 in 5 Unhappily Married Women say They aren’t Getting this ONE Thing AT ALL.
WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Please click here and consider reading this article written about something that is missing in ONE OUT OF FIVE marriages!!  
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How Your Momma Could be Killing Your Relationship
There are many things that can hurt a relationship...let me share a few of them with you in my Ten Minutes with Tony Podcast (<-- Click)!
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4 Easily Missed WARNING Signs that Your Relationship is in Trouble
Could you be missing the signs that your marriage is in trouble?  Let me help you out!  Check out my article by clicking on it! 

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Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Your Marriage!
Please click here for my podcast and to listen to the new song from American Young, "Love is War"
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The What are You Kidding Me Stories that were a little risky for the air!
These are the stories that are a little to risky for the younger audience.  Don't listen if you are easily offended! :) 

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What are You Kidding Me
Out of Pennsylvania ...Another Brick in The Wall

An elderly couple in Phili received a nice package last was very large and had their address on it but no name.  Well within 2 seconds of opening it they knew it wasn’t for them, because it was a 10 pound brick of marijuana!  Yep, someone had sent an entire happy salad bar to the wrong address.  The 80 something couple called the law who came and collected the weed...weed that was worth about 30 grand!

Out of Alabama ... The Note and Booked

Matthew Huddleston is actually a very successful bank robber.  Seriously, he pulled off a great ban robbery in Pensacola.  He went in and gave the teller a note that said, I have a gun, don’t alert anyone. No alarms, no dye packs, give me all the money in your drawer.  He then made off with almost $10 grand, but later realized he forgot the bank not so he went back for it.  And the cops were there when he arrived and he still tried to get it...he was caught and booked.

Out of Georgia ... Hitting the Wall

It was 3:00 in the morning and cops got a call that someone was inside of the Bunchie Middle School...two guy were spotted breaking in.  The officers rushed to the scene and caught the two dudes red handed, but the bandits were not going to go down without a fight.  So one guy grabbed a fire extinguisher and began spraying it at the officers to distract them....he then ran full blast through the extinguishers fog.  He was running full blast...and went directly into the wall and knocked himself out.  Both morons were caught.  
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5 Questions to Help You Go from A Job You Hate to A Job That's Great!

Click here if audio does not play:
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The One Reason You May Hate Your Job
Please read my article at to help you better find the job that you love!  
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Go Ms. Jiggles!!!

A young man from Oregon adds a very unique "Dance Club" to his bucket list.  Listen now at

Tony Russell, Fitz in The Morning

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Touch This Ladies & It will Drive You Wild!!!

ten minute orangeThis is one of my new podcast’s that I call Ten Minutes with Tony, which is rated PG-13.  In this episode we learn about:

  1. A holy birthday!
  2. The REAL meaning behind, “Baby’s Got Back.”
  3. 8 reasons you shouldn’t sit down at work.
  4. The ONE thing a woman can touch that’ll make her engine roar!
  5. Why a man was ordered to stay away from the barnyard.  



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Take The Poll: What difference would social media have made when you were in sc
For those of you that are my age, have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have social media when we were in junior high/high school?  I would love your thoughts...take my poll by clicking here now...not later. :)  
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The Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan
Click this very very long link to be taken to the amazing Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Plan!
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What are You Kidding Me for March 3, 2014
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Why We All Lie & How To Know When Others are Lying to Us
Do you know someone who lies like a rug?  Well the truth is...we all lie and click here for an article on why and how we can know when others are lying to us!
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