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For All of my Fellow Single Ladies...

For All of my Fellow Single Ladies...

Before getting into radio, I worked in the service industry at a popular bar in my hometown. It was a great place to people watch! I found this great article on that could help you if you're single and looking to mingle in a bar from a bartender himself!
5 bartender tips for snagging a man

1. Location is everything. When taking a seat at a bar, location is important, especially if you're looking to meet someone. Whatever you do, don't sit at the end of the bar—that's no man's land, literally. Mix into the crowd and if you can find a seat near a group of guys, even better. Chances are they'll start talking to a solo girl.
2. Say hello. Introduce yourself to the bartender and the people around you. Making new friends is a positive not a negative, and being friendly is a great start.
3. Put down the phone. How can you meet anyone if you are busy looking at your phone? The world won't end if you put your phone in you bag, coat, pocket or wherever for an hour. If you don't have distractions, you are open to what's around you... and that could be a single man.
4. Smile. No one wants to talk to—or date—a sourpuss. If you make eye contact with a gent across the bar, smile, even if he's not your type. You never know, his buddy might be the guy you've been looking for.
5. Pick the right night. TWT (aka Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) are great nights to fly solo. Monday can be good as well, but since it's the first night of the week it's a toss up if people will start the week off going out. TWT are ideal as people usually schedule work dinners, drinks with friends or just need to chill after work and rather than go home they'll hit up a bar.

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10/08/2012 10:54AM
For All of my Fellow Single Ladies...
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