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Get out The Salt




I went to hear my good friend Pastor Dave at I-90 Church yesterday.  He brought up a point that I think all of us, regardless of our spiritual beliefs, can agree on.  He said that we all need to be the "salt and light of the earth."  Well actually Jesus said it, but Dave was relaying the message!  Now, that can obviously mean different things to different people, but let me give you Dave's version.  Salt and light are two things that can make life better.  Salt adds flavor and a light can give guidance, direction, and at times it can remove fear.  So when we talk about being the "salt of the earth" we are talking about being the spice of life!  When we say that we need to be a "light in the darkness" we are talking about helping lead people toward love and hope.  Simply put, you and I need to show each other God's love.  Now, you may be saying, "but Tony I don't believe in God."  Well then just look at it as showing those around you love in the form of kindness, patience, forgiveness, mercy, and etc.   

I want all of us to think about the world we would live in if just 25% of the population woke up tomorrow, and decided to start looking for ways to show God's love to each other.  And my karma believing friends will love this next point.  If we are sending salt and light out into the world then we can expect a whole lot more of it in return.  I for one needed to hear that message yesterday so I thought I would pass it along.

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Tony Russell, MA  

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03/05/2013 9:26AM
Get out The Salt
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03/11/2013 12:40PM
Get out the salt! Amen!
This is my favorite bible verse ever! The first one I memorized, even before John 3:16! Thank you for sharing this! The world would be much sweeter from the salt and the light! God Bless and thank you again! Tami Olson, Snohomish WA
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