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Get the Weight Off & Keep it Off



I was watching an interview with Al Roker where he not only admitted to "pooping his pants" at the White House, but that he still struggles with keeping his weight in check.  The announcer then said something that really shocked me (even more so than Al thinking he was farting and shi$!ing his pants).  She said, "95% of the people who lose weight will gain it all back."  When I first heard that shocking statistic I got discouraged, but then I thought "what a great opportunity!"  Think about it, you and I have a chance to finish in the top 5% of the nation.  You and I have a chance get the weight off, keep it off, and then strut our skinny ass off!   

I don't know about you, but I love it when someone doubts that I can do something.  And trust me, when you and I say we are going to go from flabulous to fabulous people doubt us.  In fact, they may say, "You will just gain it back" or "You will be back to eating crap in three days."  When people do that it adds fuel to my fire, and I can't wait to prove them wrong. 

The key to keeping the weight off is simple, but not easy to do.  The key is to not say "I'm going on a diet UNTIL..."  Listen to me my little fellow flabby friend, that is like you and I saying, "I'm going to be healthy for another three months and then I'm going to return to being unhealhty."  You and I need to begin eating healthy for life, and not just to lose weight.  I know it is difficult because it has been a battle in my own life, but we can do it!  And let me give you another KEY to keeping the weight off, and I know this to be true.  You should weigh yourself every single day of your life.  I kept my weight in check for several years when I weighed myself every day.  When I stopped doing so it wasn't long until the weight was back on.  I know people will tell you to only weigh yourself once a week, but don't listen to them.  This is your year to go from flabulous to fabulous!


Tony Russell, MA, LMHC  

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03/05/2013 9:54AM
Get the Weight Off & Keep it Off
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