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How to make a strong offer on your dream home!

It is getting to be that time of year when some of us begin to think about moving to a new home, and my how times are a changing!  Just a few months ago you could make an offer on a home with little competition from other buyers, but now you must be prepared and leveraged to make a strong offer that will trump all others.  According to Trulia’s real estate expert Michael Corbett, "You need to plan ahead and make sure you keep your debt low and your credit score high."  This will assure you get a great interest rate and can walk in with a great offer that the seller can't help but accept!  When shopping for your new dream home remember to only look at homes that are right for you and that fits your budgets.  If you can afford a $450,000 home then keep your search in that price range so that you are not tempted to take on more debt than you can handle.  You want to have a home that you love…not one that will stress you out! 

If you have not been pre-approved, but find the home you want then make your offer and let them know you will have no problem getting the loan.  You can do this by letting them know that you will be putting down more than 20% toward the purchase (assuming that you can do so).  This will show the seller that you are financially stable, and that they won’t be wasting their time placing their home in the pending category.  However, you should definitely get pre-approved because you can then include your approval letter with your offer, which gives you 100% credibility. 

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03/27/2013 10:23AM
How to make a strong offer on your dream home!
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