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Hunter Hayes interview

if you are looking for the Hutner Hayes interview click here my friends and prepare to be very upset!    

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09/19/2011 11:08AM
Hunter Hayes interview
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09/20/2011 5:48AM
Hunter Hayes
You guys went way overboard with Hunter. If I were you boss, I would fire all of you. You are jerks.
09/20/2011 5:42PM
You guys should be ashamed. You humilated this guy on air, then off air ridiculed him, even having your listeners call in to make fun of him. Questioning his sexuality and overblowing nerd comments were too far. Do you not know that kids listen to you and if they hear adults talking like this, they think its ok to treat each other that way. You are role models in a bad way. Your job is to play music, not attack the charcter of an artist you interview just cause you don't like his answer. What would Jesus do? I'm ashamed that you are DJs in my hometown and you have lost a listener.
09/21/2011 1:04AM
Why would any twenty year old want to go to a Prom with an immature 16 year old. You were so out of line with Hunter.
09/21/2011 4:02PM
This is what your bullying infuence on kids could lead to
09/22/2011 10:27AM
Hunter Hayes
I couldn't agree more, How shameful of you guys to bash and continue the issue, he is such a respectful young man and did not at all deserve this bogus business you people set up!
04/26/2012 6:31PM
I don't care if he did say he was nerd. Making someone feel bad over that kind of thing is silly. As for the prom thing, he wants to live!! I don't know about you, but the girls at my school would freak out. Me included of course.
06/16/2012 6:01PM
Hunter Hayes is the sweetest boy I have ever met. I have been to 2 of his concerts and met him both times and I plan on meeting him 2 more times this fall. Your comments behind his back were so uncalled for. He felt uncomfortable and you had no right to poke fun at him. Put yourself into his shoes. I'm sure Lauren understands. I love love love you Hunter!
07/16/2012 6:40AM
Brian Turner
Fitz u'r father is down right hilarious.
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