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I Made A Mistake

People always ask, "How do you guys find stuff to talk about on the show?" and our response is, "We just talk about our crazy lives!" For example, I was having a conversation off the air with Fitz, Tony and Randy that went something like this:

I'm turning 30 and planning a destination party in Vegas. I know not all of my friends and family will be able to come. Would it be weird if I set up a GoFundMe account for people to donate to the party? If they can't come, I think it'd be great if they threw in a buck or two to help make that weekend great.

We brought that conversation to our loyal P1's during the show this morning and a few listeners even said, "It's no different than when couples ask for help funding their honeymoons." While others told me it was totally tacky!

Then I wondered just how easy is it to set up such an account and wow! It was maybe a little TOO easy because within less than 60 seconds I had created a GoFundMe page. I posed the question on Facebook and the responses started rolling in.

While I thought I had made my intentions clear, unfortunately, I hadn't. Most of the comments were negative. You all wondered why on earth I would beg for money for something so frivolous. You doubted why we would even bring it up when there are many more deserving causes. You all had great points.

Let me make it clear that I was, in no way, soliciting for money. I am a firm believer in the saying "Perception is reality," and unfortunately for me, they way that I meant it and the way it was perceived were horribly different and I take responsibility for that. In the few hours that the GoFundMe page was live, $80 was donated and I have reimbursed every dollar.

In April, I vowed to raise $1000 to help those fighting cancer and benefit the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I'm doing the 25-mile bike ride, otherwise known as Obliteride next month and would love your support once more.


Click the banner above to donate to one of the many worthy causes that are way more important than a destination birthday party.

All in all, while I don't believe my initial intentions were bad, we let it turn into a horrible mess. I'm sorry. Hopefully now you better understand my intentions, forgive me for my faults, and help those that are truly in need.



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07/09/2014 5:22PM
I Made A Mistake
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07/09/2014 6:32PM
I'm very proud that you admitted to the mistake
As I posted on Facebook: I'm sorry things didn't come across as clear as you would like but I am so proud that you admitted to the mistake and are changing it. It's even better that you refunded the money and are pushing for people to helpwith cancer research. I am proud to be a P1 and support people that own their mistakes and try to make it better! More power to you!
07/09/2014 6:34PM
You are wonderful Ellen!
Ellen, I understood your intentions and I read some of the horrible comments people left on Facebook. I think you are a lovely person and know you care more about others than yourself. Thank you for raising money for cancer and doing the 25 mile bike ride. I'm sorry about all the rude comments from those people that didn't get your intentions. Keep on. Keeping on and doing the wonderful things you do! I enjoy listening to you every morning! God bless you!
07/09/2014 6:42PM
No Worries!!!
People take themselves too seriously!! I knew exactly what you meant. I mean some dude did a Kickstarter to make potato salad!! You wrote a great blog but not everyone out there was/is in a tizzy. Love ya!!
07/09/2014 6:45PM
The bigger person
People hear and read what they want. All too often, the people who leave those negative comments are negative people. Youre a wonderful woman and its apparent on a daily basis. Even if you did set up a gofundme account for your birthday, it doesnt make you a bad person. If people are so concerned about helping others in need, then they should be out volunteering, not putting others down via social media. Im proud of you for being the bigger person, and hope you get your vegas trip ;)
07/09/2014 6:52PM
Ellen, People do what they want with their money. I thought it was cute. No one has any right to condemn you for a funny. Actually, if you had gotten all the money and used it as you intended then that would have been perfectly fine. You did not scam anyone and no one was strong armed in to donating. This irritates me that if you stood on the side of the rode with a sign and made the money no one would say a word. People need to live and let live. People that are miserable need to stay out of other's life. Vicki
07/09/2014 7:00PM
Don't hate
You keep doing what your doing Ellen!!! Deep down everyone wants to make their own GoFundME Page.
07/09/2014 7:03PM
You have nothing to apologize for...people are cray cray and all too often just waiting online for something to complain about. Have a great trip! Nate
07/09/2014 7:11PM
People will always find something negative to say. I'm sorry that people were so up in arms over something so silly. If they didn't want to donate, then don't! I agree, there are more needy/deserving causes. But because I feel that way, those other causes are where I will direct my donations. I would never tell anyone else where they need to donate or not donate to. Ugh. Disgusting.
07/09/2014 7:16PM
People need to stop being so sensitive!!!
07/09/2014 7:22PM
We are all human; and at times too petty!
I understood where you were coming from as you talked on the air, but could see the train wreck coming from a mile away because people are just judgmental and normally see the worst intentions. Thanks for admiting you made a mistake - another thing people don't do enough of! I love the idea of personal gifts from family and friends for your trip, but not a public thing. You are a kind hearted girl - let the negative slide off your back and move forward - life is too short to listen the haters...we've got your back girl! P1D1 Deanna
07/09/2014 7:25PM
I thought of doing something similar for our wedding/honeymoon! I knew what your intentions were and you have nothing to apologize for! I saw that a guy made one for potato salad and people donated over 3000 dollars! Seriously?!
07/09/2014 7:44PM
Go easy
I don't often get to listen to the show anymore because of my schedule, but I saw your post, and I thought it was funny. We still love you. Thanks for owning up to your "mistake" but to me there's nothing for you to apologize for.
07/09/2014 8:39PM
Nothing to See Here!
People hear what they want. I saw the post of FB and it seemed like a question. I didn't see you actually ask for money. Don't let dumb people get you down!
07/09/2014 8:45PM
honey just be you
Honestly people need to quit taking everything so serious. Obviously if you were completely honest with what you were going to do with that money I see it as those who want to donate to that cause they could. Think of how often people donate money and don't even know if it goes to the cause. As I have lost both grandparents to cancer and a friend who lost the battle at 16 to leukemia I think it's a better cause than Vegas but I wouldn't put you down. People need to remember it's not their life it's yours and you can do whatever you want as a person. Remember to just keep smiling and be the best person you can because in the end you're the happier person than the others that expressed all the negativity. God bless
07/09/2014 8:51PM
What??? You're not perfect?
So you screwed up. Just proved you are part of the human race. Like so many of the rest of us, things balloon sometimes into that which horrifies us, even if it was unintended. What makes or breaks us is what we do from there. You owned it, you did what you felt you could to fix it. Our Pastor says, Believe, Admit, Commit. Sounds like you are commited to doing what is right. Believe in Grace, it just doesn't always come from our fellow humans, but it does come.
07/09/2014 9:25PM
No Appology Needed
I think we're all a bit sensitive...and society has been growing moreso over the years....and honestly, if you want to go to Vegas for your birthday and people want to help you have that wonderful experience and make positive memories...then you go girl...let them donate!!! Life is about memories, experiences, how we "feel", not how we look, or what posessions we if someone wants to help you live your life and make memories...I say let them. There's no harm in it. there will always be a cause (which you are participating in) to help support, but what about you? what about your growth and experiences? those are just as valuable. Going on vacation doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't mean that you're ignoring all the things in the world that need our help. How can you lift up others if you yourself are down there with them? Build yourself up, take care of you, and you'll be more valuable to others that need your help...and who knows, maybe you'll have some FUN along the way...that's not a sin. Anyone that says otherwise isn't having fun themselves and life isn't all about suffering. It's about joy, love, memories, and lessons. Get all the money you can towards your trip, and let the haters hate. You're a beautiful soul that deserves happiness.
07/09/2014 9:39PM
Nothing to Apologize For
You did NOTHING wrong. You have every right to have a great birthday, and if people want to help with that then thats their choice. You should'nt have to apologize for it.
07/09/2014 9:56PM
Seriously Ellen????
Sweet baby J., Ellen!! Zero apology needed. I'm sorry people pounced on you! I would have donated to your destination party fund! I think it's a great choice for a birthday if you're looking for an experience rather than more "stuff". Please, please, please DO NOT let these folks dictate your actions. Follow your heart. You're a good person and you do good things for others. The mistake was taking this crap from others.
07/09/2014 11:11PM
Social media
Ellen, Everyone who listens knows you're a great person. The one HUGE problem with social media is that it gives those that shouldn't be heard a "voice" and a place to air their dirty laundry. Keep doing what you do and ignore those people.
07/10/2014 8:52AM
Big Heart
I had no problem with what you did. It did take guts because a lot of people are going to have a problem with it. I knew you were not going to get to $5,000 but at least you got something and helping fighting for a cute for cancer is a lot cooler than Vegas any day. Iam going to Vegas for my dirty 30 but I'll be working every weekend to pay for that one. Work hard for what you want and you will get 10 times back ❤️
07/10/2014 5:47PM
Everybody knew what you meant. Unfortunately you are a public figure and people with no lives find the stupidest things to cling too.
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