Kate Middleton

So Kate Middleton has been pictured with her husband in a PRIVATE setting nude and people will likely make her out to be the bad person.  WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The freak of this story is the guy who hid to get the pictures.  In my opinion this is criminal, but I guess they do things differently across the pond.   

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09/14/2012 7:39AM
Kate Middleton
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09/14/2012 8:03AM
I am so tired of the media doing this to people. They have a right to privacy. There married for heaven sakes.
09/18/2012 8:06AM
i agree! creeper!
09/28/2012 7:01AM
really dude?
Honestly what a perv. But goes to show the things people do for money.. Or they could just be total creeps? Or both! You would think that Will and Kate would have max security.. Hmmm guess not? I like how they're justas normal as anybody else though, (: They are definitely a very cute couple!
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