Kris Valentine


Jason Aldean Live on The Wolf!

Jason Aldean spent some time with me, talking about his Crib, Girls, Halloween, and even his first kiss!

Kris & Jason Aldean 1
Kris & Jason Aldean 2
Kris & Jason Aldean 3
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Jason Aldean Calls the Show!

Jason Aldean took some time out of his day to call and chat!  What's Jason's biggest pet peeve?  What was the moment he knew he had "made it" in the music business?

Kris Aldean 1
Kris Aldean 2
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Lady Antebellum on the Show!

I absolutely love this group!  They are real, genuine and really fun!
Lady A

Valentine & Lady Antebellum 1 of 4
Valentine & Lady Antebellum 2 of 4
Valentine & Lady Antebellum 3 of 4
Valentine & Lady Antebellum 4 of 4
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