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Let Go of My Ego

I am a pastor, counselor, and a radio personality and over the last few years I have had to determine what that means about me.  First, it obviously means that I have need for attention or I wouldn't always be putting myself on some form of a stage.  It also means that I obviously think that I have something worth sharing with the world. Now, neither one of those things are necessarily bad attributes, but they must be monitored.  My point being that the stages and conversations of life were meant to be shared with others and not monopolized.  Yes I do have some important things to share, but so do others and there are times that I need to shut-up and give them the stage.  

My point is that most radio personalities and yes even pastors have a tendency to be ego maniacs and have a touch of narcissism.  And I was always able to see that in others, but I had to admit that I have to deal with those issues as well.  Yes my blog reading friends I have realized that there is a chance that I don't know everything and that I am not always right.  And the most difficult thing I have learned through this self-actualization is that maybe I don't belong on the stage.       

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09/10/2012 7:28AM
Let Go of My Ego
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