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Let McDonald's Host Your Wedding!

McDonald's Restaurants In Hong Kong Are Rolling Out Wedding Packages!

Here's what's included:  You get to hold your wedding at a McDonald's . . . but you don't get to close the restaurant down, so other customers will still be ordering and eating on your most special day. You get a cake made out of their baked apple pies . . . a dress made out of McDonald's balloons. . . party favors for the guests . . . and catering by McDonald's. The entire thing will only set you back about 250 U.S. dollars.  Obviously, since that's a FRACTION of the cost of most weddings, the price is a big selling point for a lot of couples.  Here are some photos to get you excited!

10/13/2010 8:31AM
Let McDonald's Host Your Wedding!
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10/13/2010 2:22PM
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