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More Than 5 Weeks...

 Hello everyone,
    I am still smoke free and it feels fantastic.  It has been a little over 5 weeks now.  I still have moments of stress that are killers and make me crave like no other but the cravings are a lot shorter.  It feels good to be able to do a whole hour of cardio and not wheez and feel horrible.  

If you wanna quit smoking, this is the place to go:  The ALA helped me quit and i am enormously grateful!!  

05/12/2011 8:11AM
More Than 5 Weeks...
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05/12/2011 10:06AM
congradulation to you bisquit man on the not smiking thing! you will feel 100% better
05/21/2011 9:24AM
Good Job!
You are doing great. I quit a few years ago after smoking about 35 years. Thereare still times I crave one but it is like a second or 2 and then gone. Keep it up and don't ever think you can just have one again. That doesn't work.
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