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Mr. Grabby vs. Mr. Time & Place for Everything

This is important research:  I need to know whether ladies like Mr. Grabby-Pants or Mr. Time & Place for Everything.  And guys, which one are you!  CLICK HERE TO TAKE MY SURVERY AND GET A CHANCE TO WIN ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! 

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02/22/2014 11:16AM
Mr. Grabby vs. Mr. Time & Place for Everything
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02/22/2014 11:37AM
A time and a place
While a certain amount of PDA in public is fine, I'm not a fan of being groped when I am doing something like cooking.
02/23/2014 9:11AM
A time and a place
I appreciate small gestures like holding hands or a little kiss, but when he gets all grabby it makes me feel like he has no respect for me and I am just another piece of a**.
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