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I've been in radio for a long time. In that time, I've never had to buy concert tickets. Job perk! But there is one artist who I'll give my hard earned money to. (And it helps he's a hometown guy!) The one and only MACKLEMORE!

Now I know he's not country but he's putting the Pacific Northwest on the map for his mind-changing messages and stories of how failure turned him into success.

Luckily I've been able to meet a wide range of artists over the years and none of them have left me starstruck. Until him. I had a layover at LAX where, just a few feet away from me, sat the man himself. I found myself tongue tied. I couldn't talk. Let alone even think about walking over to him! The few people who approached Macklemore were greeted warmly and he seemed genuinely appreciative. Yet I couldn't build up the courage to talk to him. I do this for a living! Why did I clam up?! It was then I realized I'm a true fan.

I'll be waiting patiently and oh-so-eagerly for tickets to go on sale for his world tour with stops in both Portland and Seattle. Thank you Macklemore for reminding me what our listeners feel everyday for their favorite artists.

06/25/2013 9:28AM
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