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My advice for Taylor Swift






I am a big Taylor Swift fan because of the way she treats others (especially her fans).  And so when I heard her say that she wonders if she will ever be happy my counselor and fatherly instincts kicked in to overdrive.  During the interview I wanted to interrupt, but while that may have made for a great and yet awkward radio moment it would have likely lead to us not getting to interview her ever again!  If you did not hear the interview with Taylor Swift then you may want to listen to it by clicking on the link at the bottom.  

So here is what I would say to Taylor Swift about her apparent relationship problems, which I realize are based on the media and could be very far off.  However, if she is having as much trouble as it appears then she needs to get her "picker" fixed.  And all that simply means is that she is picking the wrong men.  When someone has a series of bad relationships they then need to look in the mirror, and ask why it is happening.  No, I'm not saying it is Taylor's fault and that she is causing all the problems in the relationship.  She may be a wonderful person that does a whole lot more right than she does wrong in a relationship, but the guys she chooses to enter into a relationship with are not a good fit.  And therefore she needs to figure out what all these guys have in common with each other.  And then she needs to run like hell when that trait shows up in the next guy she meets.  Why?  So that she will never ever ever...ever...never ever have to go through the heart ache again.  So the answer to Tay Tay is "yes" she can absolutely be happy, and "yes" she will continue to be successful as a performer and song writer.   

Pastor Tony

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03/05/2013 9:56AM
My advice for Taylor Swift
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