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New MicroBrew for You

My friend Joe Rovito and his crew have a brew for you, and it is coming soon.  Don't try to write that at home my friends...I'm a professional!

Taken from Seattle Beer News:

A new brewery has its sights set on Redmond and Eastside beer drinkers. Hi-Fi Brewing just started a lease at 14950 NE 95th St. They will now take on the task of planning and building their 15-bbl brewery and taproom with the expectation of opening in 2013.

The team of owners includes John and Cathy Carothers, Joe Rovito, and Ryan McGee. This group of homebrewers has been planning to go pro for a while, and much work has been done over the summer to get to this point. Their team isn’t complete quite yet, though. According to McGee, “Most of the brewing will be done by a stellar brewmaster we haven’t met yet. We all love beer and love to brew, but we want to bring some pro experience onto the team when we get closer to opening.”

They will plan to sell most of the beer out of the taproom to start, including growler sales, and they will explore distribution as things progress. They aren’t saying much about the styles they plan to brew at this point, but they did say we can expect to see a lager and a session beer in their core lineup. These are two styles they consider under-explored here in the region, and I couldn’t agree more.

Their location will be in the same neighborhood as Black Raven Brewing, so you’ll soon have two breweries in the same area to explore over that way.

Their Facebook page is (inserted & not in original article)

Congrats to the Hi-Fi team on going pro! I look forward to watching the brewery grow.

More info about Hi-Fi Brewing:

We are Hi-Fi Brewing.

Hi-Fi Brewing produces authentic beers. Just as the high fidelity recording techniques developed in the 1960s aimed to recreate–as accurately as possible–the original live musical performance, Hi-Fi Brewing is dedicated to producing beers that are the truest expression of the brewer’s art. Each beer is a faithful rendition of the top-quality ingredients that make it and the passion of the brewing team. And we take advantage of the best technology available to do it.

Hi-Fi maintains the same philosophy through all aspects of its business. The way we treat our customers, our suppliers, our team, and our community is consistent with our approach to beer: integrity is paramount. Honesty and transparency naturally follow.

Authentic. Honest. True. Real. Hi-Fi.

We are Redmond’s next brewery.

Hi-Fi is located at 14950 NE 95th St. in Redmond. We officially have the space starting today (hooray!), which means it will be several months before we can open our doors to the public. We’re in the process now of working with our architect to design a great taproom.

We will pour a wide range of great beers.

Once that taproom is built, we’ll be pouring our starting lineup alongside beers from other fantastic Washington breweries. We know a lot of our customers will be like us – always interested in trying something new and interesting – so we’ll be doing a lot of seasonal and one-off brews.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Anyone interested in following along as we build out the space, install equipment, and get ready for our grand opening in 2013 can find us on Facebook:


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11/13/2012 9:47AM
New MicroBrew for You
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