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Police Arrest a Man Who Tried To Hide His Gun Under a Plant at the Airport

So you get to the airport and realize you brought your GUN.  You don't want the TSA to confiscate it but you don't have time to take it home or you'll miss your flight.  WHAT DO YOU DO?  The answer is . . . not this.


On June 24th, 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson of Eagle Point, Oregon was flying out of Portland and realized he had his loaded gun with him.


So he came up with a plan:  He'd hide the gun underneath a PLANTER BOX in the airport.  That way, he could just grab it when he got back from his trip.


But security watched him hide the gun . . . and he was arrested for reckless endangerment.  By the way, if you find yourself in this situation, you ARE allowed to put a gun in your checked luggage.  You have to declare it when you check in, the gun can't be loaded, and it has to be in a hard, locked container.

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07/30/2013 6:56AM
Police Arrest a 69-Year-Old Man Who Tried To Hide His Gun Under a Plant at the Airport . . . So He C
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