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Quitting Smoking Sucks right now

 Hey everyone,
      So we are talking about quitting smoking on the show right now and i have to tell you.  I am MISERABLE!!!   I never thought it would be so hard to just NOT do something!   It is brutal!!  I am getting really upset at stupid stuff.   This morning, Dr. Jay chose a dumb song for flush the format and i got actually angry.  ridiculous.  I am so happy I have the ALA on my side helping me out with us.   I am using their Freedom From Smoking Program and it has been very helpful so far!  I have people i can call when I have cravings, I am also learning a lot of different techniques of how to become  a non-smoker.  Check out the link below and see what i am talking about:

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04/08/2011 7:22AM
Quitting Smoking Sucks right now
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07/18/2012 11:31AM
Hi Randy. My name is Diane and was listening this AM about "hunting". I am a female hunter and have done so my whole life. I wanted to let you know that hunting is alot more than just "killing" deer, bear or any other game animal. It's about family time, being in the outdoors, sitting by the camp fire and being close to GOD. Our children and grandchildren have always been taught not to kill anything you don't eat. They have been taught safety, tracking, camping RESPECT for all life. I agree with you on baiting bear. Ivoted to stop the use of hounds to hunt them. There is a good side to baiting bears however, and that is hunters can be discriminating on what they shoot. It makes it easier to not shoot sows with cubs by mistake. We use all that we kill and for people with heart disease, venison is the healthiest red meat they can eat. And yes you can donate the meat if you don't wnat it or eat it yourself. It is sometimes the only meat they get. Very few hunters are successfull out of the many who are out there. We are not successfull every year either. The time with family and friends far outways the "thrill of the kill". We enjoy what GOD gave us and if not controlled they die of sickness and disease from over popultion. I'm sorry this isn't on the right spot but I do enjoy your show.
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