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Skin Cancer

Many of you heard about my trip to the dermatologist on the radio this morning so let me clarify.  The doctor thinks I have what is called an Actinic Keratosis or Actinic Cheilitis on my lower lip, which is fancy word for something ain't right and could be PREcancerous.  It is known to turn into cancer in only 10-15% of people, but that is high enough for them to remove it to keep it from doing so.  What can cause this?   LISTEN UP KIDDOS, sun damage AND using tobacco.  I dipped snuff until I was 30 and never thought to use sunblock on my lips.  I hope this is the end of it, but we will see.  


Amy also found out that she likely has a cancerous mole on her back but it is NOT Melanoma like the one 2 years ago, but it is still very scary for us.  She will get it cut off on April 11th and then we will know more.  There are two forms of non-melanoma skin cancers and minor outpatient surgery is almost always successful in removing it.  However, that is easy for the one who doesn't have it to say!  It still sparks a ton of anxiety for the person(s) waiting on results or having to get the "minor" surgery.   

Sorry for the very long post, but many of you had sent me messages or texts this morning of great concern because I didn't explain this very well on the air.  Just keep Amy in your prayers; that this will end up being nothing.  And pray that I will focus on taking care of her, and quit obsessing about a fat lip!       

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03/29/2013 11:46AM
Skin Cancer
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