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Stair Climbing

 Hey guys,
    So I am almost a month without quitting smoking and I feel great!   I wanted you to see a video I made of PJ from Xgym and me climbing to the top of the municipal tower.  It's pretty Crazy.  Let me know what you think.   Also, we will be asking people to join us in training for the Freedom from Smoking and the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb on October 23rd real soon.  Keep checking back for details.  :)

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05/02/2011 6:34PM
Stair Climbing
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05/06/2011 11:51AM
Keep up the Good Work!
Randy, I just watched your stair climb video--that was so impressive! You are an inspiration for everyone else who is either looking to quit smoking, get in shape, or both! -Colleen
07/06/2011 6:35AM
Way to go!
Way to go Randy! I may have to try stair climbing as well. congrats!
10/01/2011 11:31AM
That looked tough!
But you made it to the top! What an awesome thing to do for all those that struggle to quit smoking. Thank you for bringing attention to this, congrats!
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