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Still Transforming: The BIG Thing


The last few months have been somewhat tough for me.  As I stated in an earlier blog I officially feel like I started my midlife crisis.  It kicked off with a large dose of anxiety, which lead to some deep soul searching and counseling.  I am at the beginning of the journey, but what I have learned about myself has been enlightening on many levels.  What you need to know about me is that I have always been looking for the NEXT big thing....the NEXT challenge.  And what I have come to realize is the BIG thing and greatest challenge of a man's life is in front of me.  It is in the form of a beautiful green eyed blonde and three children.  And I realized that everyday can be a BIG day when I focus on making my impact on my family, friends, and coworker.  

I have been so busy looking to the future that I often times missed out on the blessings of the present.  And I have to say that releasing myself from the need to get to the NEXT BIG thing has been awesome.  I still have a lot to learn about living in the moment, but what I have learned so far has been both refreshing and strange.  It is strange because I no longer have this nagging anxiety or tension that always looking for the NEXT BIG thing brought into my life.  And I now realize that anxiety and tension has been with me since I was about 15 years-old.  So to let it go has not been easy, but I have noticed that I feel more relaxed and content.  And that is a BIG thing!



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08/21/2013 8:26AM
Still Transforming: The BIG Thing
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