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  This is Bob! Good stuff! Next month flying back to Ind. To spend 10 days with my 5 Grand kids, Son and Daughter. Yippee!
  living so I will be able to stay home with them and our little girl when she gets here :) we feel so blessed -​ Marshelle
  The good stuff-​ My husband Chris and I will be married for 7 years in August and just moved into our new home and are expecting our first child in sept :) we

  My boyfriend proposed Monday :) he's in the marines and is leaving to go back Sunday so this has been a great surprise! <3
  Sometime ago my wife and I lost our daughter Maddy unexpectedly From a blood clotting disorder we had no idea about. In my arms she passed away while on the phone with 911. On her headstone it reads "a little one shall become a thousand". You see we know she's in the arms of Jesus & each and every time I get to talk to someone about my five children, i Always tell them our Maddy is in heaven! Through this we have led many to the Lord, With help from a mighty man! THAT right there is the good stuff :)
  After being told id never walk again due to an injury that happened while in the army 2 years ago I'm now going to be running a 5k and I have the most amazing girlfriend
  After 7mo of working back breaking 12-​17hr days to provide for our family, the job my husband has been trying to get for the last 4yrs came thru and he starts in 3wks!!
  My boyfriend is a recovering addict. He is currently sober and is doing better than I've ever seen in the 4 years I've known him. He's like a whole different person but hasn't changed any of the parts I love most about him. I'm so proud of him. That's the good stuff :)
  The good stuff....Getting ready to take my parents on a 60th wedding anniversary trip to the area where they met and dated!
  Just celebrated 20 years with my amazing, beautiful wife. Jake from Gresham
  (1/2) I am so happy been 2 years and adoption is finally done! My husband and I have been trying to finalizing adoption for 2 years and its cost us fortune so  happy to finally to get her permanently! We love our daughter stormy so much and now shes ours! Yahoooooooo!
  I am a auntie again to a goegous 1 day old little girl. Thats just one of the few good stuffs :-​)
  This Is the newest Mrs. Kendra Steele and we got married last weekend and we have the "newlywed"     
  The company I work for is growing and I'm being given many opportunities to advance with it. Rich.
  I just graduated from college at age 45 got a job in my degree and my 16 yr old som Dalton just got his first job! So proud! Lynette
  My husband just returned from his 10th deployment to Afghanistan . :-​) now that's the good stuff
  My life sucks so bad, the good stuff for me is listening to the good stuff in the morning on Fitz. thank you
  My good stuff news is I just found out a friend of ours 5 day old baby made it out of heart surgery and is doing good with recovery! Team Evelyn!
  I'm 9 months pregnant with a baby girl named Holly, after trying for almost 2 years.
  My boyfriend and I have been together just over 7 & 1/2 years and are now expecting our first little one!!!! -​Tosha and Greg    
  I had premature twins @ 26 weeks, they spent 103 days in the hospital. They are now 2 1/2 and amazing! They just had their last neonatal follow-​up and sp
  So proud of my son PFC Timothy. One of eight promoted out of basic training. Finished top five of all catagories. Finished AIT top 5% of his class. Now he is at airborne class. Jumping out of planes. Thanks Ramon from Lacey.
  My Wedding is in 18 days! After 8 years I'm finally marring my best friend!! Cannon Beach is waiting!!!!
  My sister who's my best friend is getting married this weekend to a really good guy. Really happy for her!!
  The good stuff is waking up to my beautiful wife Angela, my daughter Jada and my son Xavier.
  I have a 20-​year-​old daughter with autism. Her symptoms were So severe that she would harm herself and cut herself for relief. She attempted suicide three times and was almost successful the third time. We had taken her to several physicians and counselors over the years and tried several different medications. Nothing was helping. Here comes the good stuff. Two months ago we took her to a natural pathic doctor listen to her story and told her she believed she had a zinc deficiency. She has been on a zinc supplement and has been nearly symptom free and we are thinking it is a true blue miracle! Who would've thought something so easy could help!!! We are praising thank you Lord! Thank you for allowing us to share the good stuff you guys are awesome! Sincerely Laurie
  When my boyfriend (US Airman in the Naval Forces) texted me "God gave me you for the ups and downs" when we just found out he can't come to visit when we thought he could.
  I've officially lost 80 lbs on weight watchers!    
  All my family is healthy !!!! ( Christian )
  Thanks for the "good stuff" to remind me that not everyone sucks. I know the wolf is country but you rock!
  Please please please say mine! My dad is coming to visit me for my 21st birthday this month :) I'm new to the northwest just moved here with my boyfriend from cali and never been away from home!
  My grandma died almost 4 years ago when I was 5 months pregnant with her first great grandchild. She could love like no one else and I knew she'd find a way to watch them grow. Well everytime my kids go out to play a white butterfly appears. Everytime! So I say hi grandma...hoping and believing it was her. It couldn't have been more apparent it is her when we go to her grave and a white butterfly appears.
  Waking up to my wife
  Please please please say mine! My dad is coming to visit me for my 21st birthday this month :) I'm new to the northwest just moved here with my boyfriend from cali and never been away from home!
  ae has already improved so much and I get to fly to see her this Tuesday.
  af the surgery perfectly and insisted that she would be up and walking within the week. Well she kept her promise and her pain is gone. Her quality of lif    
  aA couple weeks ago, my 93 year old great grandmother had hip surgery. She had been in pain for several years and this was her last option. She came out o    
  Our daughterMckenna was diagnosed at 2 years old with acute lymphocitic leukemia. She beat it and is now 10 and 1/2 years old and doing wonderful:)!
  I am going to disney world
  I can't be with my husband today on his birthday due to military orders. Can you please wish Robbie Luder a happy birthday from his wife Tonya.
  Lots of good stuff! Planning a wedding, watched my friend since 3rd grade get married Saturday and getting ready to do a little camping vacation to the coast with our one year old daughter. ~ shayna
  My 4 yr old son Colton can fully operate a riding lawn mower and is already setting up jobs to start a savings account ;) kimi
  I found out that my son-​in-​law, Brian Adams, comes home from Bagram Afghanistan on August 7th!!!!
  My husband, who is a navy corpsman, got to surprise our family by coming home for the first time in 7 months! I then got to surprise him by telling him in person that i am pregnant with our first child. hadn't been 7 months since i last saw him ;)
  My good stuff is listing to fitz in the morning on my long drive to work. -​Wes
  I went to my daughter's 20 week ultrasound on Friday and saw my soon-​to-​be grandson for the first time it was an incredible experience! Jody
  Good morning and happy hump day! My good stuff is getting ready to have my husband and I's first baby. I'm ready to pop any day now. This little boy is our miracle after being told I couldn't have children. Doesn't get much better than that.
  Please please please say mine! My dad is coming to visit me for my 21st birthday this month :) I'm new to the northwest just moved here with my boyfriend from cali and never been away from home!
  That moment when your daughter says something that sounds like her dad... my EX... lol still the good stuff she is growing up!
  Hi I'm jessy from battle ground wa. I just found out my dad was offered a full time job after working years in Afghanistan. He's home for good and I couldn't be more happy!
  My son was diagnosed with autism two and a half years ago today he is 5 years old and he is starting to talk a little bit more
  I get a week off with my kiddos next week got any good cheap fun ideas ??
  Please please please say mine! My dad is coming to visit me for my 21st birthday this month :) I'm new to the northwest just moved here with my boyfriend from cali and never been away from home!
  Its a great day to be alive!
  My nephew is getting married this weekend to his high school sweetheart and I get a four day weekend with my family
  Waking up
  Today is my boyfriend and my 5 month anniversary. It may not be that long but he is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you 
  Got in an accadent this morning but no one got hurt thats the good stuff
  My wife and i just found out she is pregnant with second child!!!
  3 months tobacco free! -​ Jesse
  I'm a single working mom and our budget is tight. I have a vacation coming up on Fri and some friends of ours loaned us their beach house for a long weekend! I'm so thankful :)
  Husband coming home from Afghanistan TOMORROW -​ hooah
  My husband and I are having a baby boy in November!
  Fitz and the morning crew this is james from Everett can you give me some recommendations if I like hank Williams the third? I know you guys are more top 40 country but is there any outlaw country fans there? Thanks
  I don't think people recognize this enough what's going good on in my life is I have good health 2 great jobs and a great loving family -​ashlynne from puyallup :)
  My dad is coming to visit me for my 21st birthday this month :) I'm new to the northwest just moved here with my boyfriend from cali and never been away from home!
  It's my 29th bday today!!!
  Fitz my good stuff, its my 43rd birthday
  little ones.
  The good stuff is my little two week old nephew. He makes it 9 nieces and nephews. And the good stuff is seeing how amazing my husband is with all of these
  For The Good Stuff: I'm getting married tomorrow!!
  I'm getting married on August 11th Jay    
  My names Conner and I'm engaged to the most amazing girl ever we are pragnet with a baby boy we are nameing hunter I'm 19 she's 23 and I could not be happier laying on her belly knowing my baby in there
  I got to see my first grandson ultra sound, now that's the good stuff    

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07/17/2013 7:47AM
Today's Good Stuff Texts on Fitz in The Morning
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07/23/2013 5:28AM
Good stuff
Im in Afghanistan, and will be coming home here real soon. to see me beautiful lady Cassandra Ciotuszynski!!!! been 9 months cant wait!
03/19/2014 8:39AM
My Inspiration
I have a dear family friend with cancer...Not her first round with it..she has been a survivor before. I love to see her post everyday on facebook and her picutures of her surrounded by her kids, grandkids and nieces. Recently there have been several pictures of her..smiling from ear to her family has literally painted flowers on her balding beautiful head, they have temporary tattooed it with crazy stickers, and recently the most touching of all..they all put on bright red lipstick and each of them kissed her precious head. She is a inspiration to so many..with just the little things she does, and even though occassionaly she gets frustrated at this terrible disease and what it has done to her body, it is short lived. Her "prayer warriors" are always there to pick her up and give her strength and hope. Karen Opp Oyler
11/30/2015 6:21PM
I didn't kill anyone after sitting in traffic - so that's good stuff right there- WHY is traffic so bad right now 😫
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