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Today's What are You Kidding Me Stories of The Day

These are taken directly from the script that I write daily for these stories so they break every grammatical rule known to mankind!  

Out of Maryland … Cage Dancing
Tavon White doesn’t look like a sexy lady’s man but there is proof that this dude has got serious skills.  And the proof is…he has gotten 4 different ladies pregnant in just the last couple years.  Now you are thinking, that proves nothing…anyone can impregnate someone.  Yeah, but Tavon has been in jail for the last few years.  And the ladies he got pregnant were correction officers. 

Out of Pennsylvania … Timing is Everything
Michele and William Wanko have been married for some time, and some may say that their marriage has been somewhat rocky.  But everyone would agree that they like to get their drink on.  And this is a story of them doing just that, and I want you to decide who is the dumber of the two.  First you should know they had been drinking vodka and lemonade for about 6 hours when…when Michele says, “Willie, let’s get out your guns and you can teach me to shoot.”  Not so bright right?  But Willie says, “Why not" and they did just that.  Wille Wanko was 43.

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04/30/2013 7:58AM
Today's What are You Kidding Me Stories of The Day
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