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What are You Kidding Me: 3 Nuns did what???

Out of Columbia … A Nasty Habit

Early…very early Saturday morning, 3 nuns were getting on a flight from Columbia to the Caribbean, which to me seems a little suspicious.  Sorry, but when I think about Nuns I don’t think about a place where the booze and thong bikinis flow!  But I digress.  3 Nuns were getting on a plane and security thought they seemed very nervous.  So they pulled the Sisters aside and within seconds all 3 of them began to cry…they had a complete melt down. 

Well wait, they didn’t have a complete melt down until security found over 2 kilos of cocaine under each one of their little habits.  Then they began to confess and say they were being forced into it and here is the shocker…they aren’t real nuns!  But they will still have to answer to law enforcement and Jesus.  

Out of South Carolina … Cracked Up

Cedric was going to the courthouse in Spartanburg County.  Unfortunately for Cedric he has been known to get in a little trouble here and there and so he knew the routine.  So he walked in and began emptying out his pockets for the police officer working security. 

The officer held out that little bucket and Cedric dropped in his cell phone, his keys, a lighter, and then he opened a small container and emptied out his razor blade and a large rock…a crack rock!  He was arrested for possession, but gotta give him some credit for honesty! 

Out of Brazil … It's A Whiz 

Well you can now get wifi everything, and I do mean everything thanks to Huggies.  Yes, the diaper company has installed a wifi device into some of their diapers.  And every time your baby takes a whiz in one of their comfy little pee catchers it will shoot you a Tweet! 

It is all based on the temperature change that takes place when your baby goes to the bathroom.  This is great news, because now parents can begin staring at their phone and NOT paying any attention to their children beginning at birth!


Please share my blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond!  These are taken from my What are You Kidding Me script that I write for the show daily.  I do my best to be 100% entertaining with the stories and at least 80% accurate on the details!

Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time today...I hope I was able to bring a smile to your face!


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05/09/2013 7:09AM
What are You Kidding Me: 3 Nuns did what???
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