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What are You Kidding Me: Big Pimpin at 75 years-old!

Out of New Jersey … Cracked Up

James Parham and Cheryl Chaney just got busted.  They were busted for running a prostitution ring and…and for selling the brain rot known as crack.  No one is sure who tipped the cops off to James & Cheryl's drug dealing and house of ill repute, but it was likely one of their neighbors.  One of their neighbors there at the Senior Citizen Housing Complex!  Yes it was slightly suspicious when tons of young people were hanging out at the Senior Citizen Housing Hood!  And lets not even talk about some of the sexy senior ladies of the night!  No kidding, apparently a couple of the senior citizens were supplementing their income by working the corners of the "bingo hall!"  Yep, Jimmy was big pimpin at 75 & Cheryl is right behind him at 67, but they may still do some time.  And by the way, they both had clean records (news story below).    

Out of Florida … High to Low

Anna Pierre ran for the Mayor of Miami and without a doubt she had the most power…the most powerful endorsement of any candidate.  And it was right there on all of her campaign posters and on her commercials.  It said, “Anna Pierre is endorsed by Jesus Christ.”  Yes, Anna had talked to Jesus and said He made it clear that He…the Messiah… endorsed her for Mayor of Miami.  Well the results are in and Anna & Jesus placed last, and I do mean last.  As in out of the millions and millions of people in Miami she got 56 votes or .83 percent of the votes.  Anna who is a very sweet person and registered nurse says she is sad, but she knows that Jesus still loves her.  

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05/15/2013 7:30AM
What are You Kidding Me: Jesus gets last place where?
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