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What are You Kidding Me Story of The Day: How'd he end up in his own trunk?

Out of Maine … Making the List 

This is a public service announcement.  If you are going to sell anything using Craiglist or any other website be very careful, and here is an example of why.  A 19 year-old by the name of Alexander Gorham listed his 2004 gray BMW for sale on Craigslist.  Now forget about the fact that this 19 year-old had a beamer and you don’t, but think about the fact that he agreed to meet the buyer at night in the parking lot of a Motel 6. 

Alex showed up with his beamer and then the buyer Travis Landry showed up with a gun.  He then stuffed the young man into the trunk of the car and drove, drove, and drove.  In fact, he drove for 450 miles and finally pulled into a Dunkin Donuts and opened the trunk and told Alex to run.  The car thief was caught the next day and faces multiple charges.  

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05/16/2013 7:40AM
The What are You Kidding Me Story of The Day: How did he end up in the trunk of his own car?
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