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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - May 21, 2013

I waited...and waited...and waited for this bracelet to go on sale... did! And, of course, I bought it.
A total must have for any radio lover!

Jacket - UNIQLO
Shirt - Macy's
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Marshall's
Bracelet - Nordstrom

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05/21/2013 8:19AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - May 21, 2013
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05/21/2013 10:44AM
You look fab!
Ellen you are gorgeous! I need that bracelet (fellow radio host! :) ) Is it still at Nordstrom?
05/21/2013 10:47AM
How long ago did you get that bracelet?! LOVE!
05/21/2013 12:04PM
I just bought it yesterday so I'd imagine Nordy's still has it. It's also on the Kate Spade website for $2 more. -Ellen
05/21/2013 5:17PM
Did you put it in 105.3 just to think of us?? I miss you on my Morning Commute!!!
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